Background S On Xbox 360

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Hi Guys, Ever wanted a background on your 360 that you don't have to pay for, like 240Microsoft Points, PAY NO MORE! I have figured out a way to have Wallpapers on your 360 without paying, no hacks or mods. Here's a quick run-down of how to do it: 1. Go on the internet on your PC and find any wallpapers you want, they must be 1920x1080 size or they don't fit 2. Save them onto a USB you own and connect the USB to your XBOX 360 console. Go into your Apps tab of the XBOX Dashboard and click on Picture Viewer.

Click on 'Portable Device' once in Picture Viewer. Then, if you have the wallpapers in a folder, find the folder and open it. When you can see all your wallpapers, view them individually and once there open, click 'Y', it'll say 'Would you like to set as background?' Then do that for all your pictures and they should all be saved to your Hard Drive or Memory Unit, and all you have to do change them is what you would normally do to change your background or theme, look at your profile on the DASHBOARD and click on 'THEMES', and there you have it!!!

Background S On Xbox 360

Autoturn Keygens. Your own custom backgrounds or themes for your XBOX 360 without spending a cent. Please comment if it worked and enjoy your very own wallpapers!!!!!!! (REMEMBER, THE SIZE OF THE PICTURES MUST BE 1920x1080, OR IT DOESN'T FIT RIGHT).

You'll need an image to use. I've tested which image formats work on the Xbox 360, and it can only view JPEGs. That sucks ass. You change the format by using an image converter, or by opening it up in an image editing program and saving it as a different format. Don't use Paint if you don't have to, it applies some nasty compression to images, which makes them look like s***.

Aug 22, 2012. Hi Guys, Ever wanted a background on your 360 that you don't have to pay for, like 240Microsoft Points, PAY NO MORE! I have figured out a way to have.

As for resolution, if the Xbox and your TV display it right, you should only need an image with a resolution of 640 by 480 pixels if you're not using a HD display. If you're using a full resolution HDTV (the biggest NTSC standard), you should need an image with a resolution of 1920 by 1280. If your image isn't the same resolution as the TV, don't worry. Your Xbox will scale the image to fit your TV. But an image that's the right size will look much better. Don't be a dumbass and use a tiny 100x100 image.

Step 2: Set the Image As Your Xbox 360 Wallpaper. So put the image on your thumb drive or rewritable CD, and put it in your Xbox 360. Go to the Media blade on the dashboard, go to Pictures, and navigate to the image. If you have more than one storage device other than your Xbox HDD or memory card in your Xbox, you may have to go to the right one by pressing X and selecting it. Once you're in the right storage device, highlight (but don't press A) on the picture you want to use, and press Y. Select Yes, or whatever the confirmation option is, and hooray! You've got a custom wallpaper on your Xbox 360 vidyo gamz consul!

Do you feel special? Is the image I am using on my PC and Xbox at the time of writing this, and is the post with details, by me.