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Read more info: The second generation of the A4/S4 (TYP 8D), now also known as the Audi B5, was introduced initially in 1997, with productions starting in October of the year. A4/S4 was a face lifted line up of Audi A4 B5 platform introduced later in North America in 1999.

In addition to the S4 Quattro saloon (sedan) model, another addition made in the lineup in 1998 was of the Estate (wagon) version named the Audi A4 Avant. Production of A4/S4 B5 platform was ceased in 2001, however the cars was sold with the next generation B6 platform vehicles in North America through 2002. Engines treated in the factory manual: 4-cylinder engine (1. Letra De Cambio A La Vista Definicion there. 8 ltr. 5-valve turbo)- AEB,AJL,ANB,APU,ARK,ATW, 4-cylinder engine (2-valve)- AHL, ANA, ARM 4-cylinder engine (2-valve, roller rocker fingers)- ALZ 6-cylinder diesel direct injection engine (TDI)- AFB, AKN 6-cylinder engine (5 valve)-ACK,AGA,AJG,ALF,ALG,AML,AMM,AMX,APR,APS,APZ,AQD,ARJ,ATX,AHA,ATQ 6-cylinder engine, 2.7 ltr.

5-valve turbo (RS4)- ASJ,AZR These last produced vehicles can be identified through their VIN number, with the tenth digit being “2”. Even after several years from when the vehicle was sold new, the model is still considered to be an enthusiast vehicle, winning several comparison tests with many other extreme performance cars. Owning this car was and is a luxury and owners will want accurate repair manual for all maintenance, repair and installation services required in the A4/S4 B5 category vehicle. With a 2.7L 90° twin turboV6 third generation engine and a six speed manual C90 transmission offered as standard, all S4 models also came with the T-2 Torsen Quattro permanent 4 wheel drive as standard too.

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