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Biohazard Umbrella Chronicles Jpn Iso Wii Downloads

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The Wii has Resident Evil 4 one of the highest rated games of all time, only with control unlike any of the previous versions. The Wii remote allowed for immersive control with aiming and interaction that was miles ahead of any other game like it.

The graphics were a straight port from the Gamecube game and thank goodness since the PS2 version lacked many of the details the GC had. Now we have Resident Evil 5 hopefully coming by the end of this year in Japan (2009 in the US) for Xbox 360, PS3 and.not the Wii.yet. If you Capcom when asked if they would bring RE5 to the Wii, said that it would depend on how the sales of RE4 and Umbrella Chronicles performed on the system. Well here we are almost 10 months after the release of RE4 and 6 months since UC and both games have sold over 1 million copies each: and So both games seemed to have passed the 'wait and see' test from Capcom.

The question is now, when are we going to be getting Resident Evil 5 on the Wii? A version of the game should be coming out on the Wii sooner or later with all the support from fans and the overwhelming demand for this game that has been seen all through out the Internet.

No doubt you've seen on forums the words 'RE5 would be so awesome with the Wii remote' or 'I wish Capcom would make RE5 for the Wii'.these have not been just a few requests, these are requests of literally of people hoping to be able to have the freedom of aiming and control in RE5 like they could on RE4 Wii. So is the graphics issue the only thing holding Capcom back? Is time and also resources an issue as well? Capcom is always making new game announcements so for it to be a resource issue is a bit of lame excuse. Now they do have many games they are working on with RE5 on the 360 and PS3 being a big one, so time might really be one of the hurdles for Capcom.

So that leaves us with the actual development of the game for Wii. Would RE5 really be that hard to put on the Wii?

Lets compare the Gamecube version of RE4 with RE5 and see if there really is that huge of a difference in graphics that a Wii version couldn't be possible even though the Wii is about twice as powerful as Gamecube: The top photo is the actual character model of Chris Redfield in RE5, with the bottom being Leon from the Gamecube version of RE4. I'm not really seeing a huge difference in detail. I'm sure that Chris has more polygons but not really a large amount more than Leon. The texture work will be better in RE5 than RE4 was on Gamecube, but then again so could the Wii version since it has about 3 times more memory than Gamecube that can be used for much more detailed textures.

Resident Evil 5 has great lighting, shadows and high resolution graphics. Resident Evil 4 on the Gamecube had many similar effects minus the high resolution 3 years ago. A Wii version would still not have the HD but it can improve on ever aspect of what the Gamecube was doing back then. All RE5 on the Wii has to do is look close to it's big brothers in Standard Def and thats something I'm positive that it can accomplish with the right amount of effort using the Wii's Resident Evil 5 just plain looks like Resident Evil 4. You've got the same behind the back and to the left third-person view, the main character holds and aims his gun in the same way in both games, and in all the videos that have been released for Resident Evil 5 even the animations have been almost exactly the same!

An example of this is when an enemy is killed in RE5 he drops to one knee in the exact same animation as RE4 when the Ganados were killed. All these things really make the case for RE5 to be on the Wii in my opinion. Telling me that Capcom will never do it or that it is just to hard to port over is really just a lame excuse. It can be done and RE5 on the Wii can look extremely good if seeing what Capcom was able to accomplish on Gamecube is anything to go.

Take down some of the polygons on the enemies (you can hide missing polygons really good with nice textures), bring down some of the lighting effects if need be and run it in standard definition and call it day. Did I mention that the Wii is currently the worlds top selling console? The fans want it and the fans will buy it if you bring it to them. What more reasons could you possibly need Capcom? *UPDATE* 7/23/08 Sega of America president Simon Jefferey in an interview concerning hardcore gaming on the Wii let slip that Resident Evil 5 was coming to the Wii. He said: 'Resident Evil 5 (he then pauses for a moment) when that happens on the Wii it's going to help.' Jefferey tried to backpedal his statement after the interview but I've found more evidence: Christian Svensson, Corporate Officer/VP of Strategic Planning & Business Development of Capcom had this to say when asked about the Resident Evil 5 Wii slip up in the 'Ask Capcom forum'.

'Simon's a friend of mine. But I don't think I've spoken to him about anything like that. No comment beyond that really. Interesting clip that slip aside though. Simon's a really smart guy. I have a lot of respect for his work at Sega and his prior work at Lucasarts.' Hey guys I don't know about you but that is looking like a very strong hint that RE5 is in development for the Wii.

That is definitely not a denial, and usually when Sven talks like that it means something is happening concerning that subject (for the Wii in this case) and he can't say anymore about it or it will interfere with Capcom's future plans. If Resident Evil 5 was announced right now for the Wii, how many sales would that take away from the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions which are almost finished?

From a business standpoint I can understand if Capcom plays it quiet until after those versions are released, and then they may announce RE5 for the Wii. There's a light at the end of the tunnel it seems. *Update* 4/2/09 Reggie recently asked Capcom why Resident Evil 5 is on the Wii, here is the original question and response from Capcom: Reggie: “Why wasn’t ‘Resident Evil‘ and other key Capcom releases that are in the marketplace now why wasn’t there a Wii execution?” Capcom: “Both ‘Resident Evil 5‘ and ‘Street Fighter IV‘ were designed for high-definition graphics systems using Capcom’s current in-house engine called MT Framework. To get ‘RE5′ or ‘Street Fighter IV’ out on the Wii, we would have to create all-new versions of both of these games, which is something we’re not opposed to doing. So the intention of both ‘RE5′ and ‘Street Fighter IV’ was to go for graphical showcases, which is not what the center of the bullseye Wii is aiming for. However, we do have a lot of ‘Resident Evil’ action happening on the Wii and hopefully we will have more in the future.” - Chris Kramer, communications director, Capcom Capcom clearly said they are not opposed to making 'ground up' versions of Resident Evil 5 and Street Fighter IV for the Wii. Does this mean that it will happen?

I think that yes it will. Capcom should have been making Resident Evil 5: Wii Edition a long time ago if you ask me. It would probably be a lot better on the Wii (with the control alone) and if they made it from the ground up, they could easily take out the forced co-op missions that detracted from some of the experience of RE5 on the other systems. Make it work Capcom, or at least give us Resident Evil something with Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition controls. Is this really so hard to ask? Anonymous said. It looks like Capcom is simply working off a ported RE4 engine/assets and adding next-gen effects on top of that.

Which is good, because it doesnt waste. But the point is that you're comparing a game thats a work in progress to a fully fledged title on the Gamecube. Thats hardly fair. Capcom has no plans to release RE5 in 2008, instead stating 2009 as their release year. What this means is that the graphics could be on a totally different level by the time they have finished the title. They could probably surpass Gears of War or UT 3 on the Ps3.

Capcom have already proven their ability with graphics and i (and you) would probably not be surprised if RE5 turns out to be the 360 and Ps3's best looking titles. If thats the case, then Gamecube/RE4 comparisons by that point will be obsolete.

I'm not buying that RE5 will look totally different in a years time due to development. You can tell already that Capcom has put a lot of effort into the look of the game and to change it to look way better or change the design of it will only cost Capcom more money. This picture of RE4 for Gamecube was taken almost a full year before the game was released Did the game change much after that? Not really at all. You are also forgetting that my comparison to the Gamecube game was to show that the Wii version could be capable of so much more since it does have more power than the Gamecube RE4 on Gamecube looks very similar in style and approach to RE5.

With the Wii being the top money grabber so far this gen, Capcom could make a port that satisfies the audience on the Wii without making the game look so much different than the versions on PS3/360. You can argue all you want that the game will not look good on the Wii, but that is besides the point if Capcom can make money on it they will do it. RE4 for Cell phones anyone? I'm not saying I think it will happen or I think it won't (though I would love it if it did) but I think the main argument on this whole thing is this one made by Metal: ''You can argue all you want that the game will not look good on the Wii, but that is besides the point if Capcom can make money on it they will do it.' ' If they can make money on it, which they certainly would, they will do it. Look at Ubisoft's Assasin's Creed.

They made a DS version and that was a completely separate game with no shared entities or engine. RE5 can and should be made for Wii. Not that 'just upping the visuals' is a bad thing, it's just the only thing I've seen so far in RE5 that has been improved over RE4. Now if the game is not released on the Wii, you can say that RE5 is not meeting it's full potential for control. The great graphics can only go so far until you start saying to yourself 'I want my Wii remote to aim instead of this stick and move stuff'. People have indeed been struck with the 'Wii is a PS2' Virus.

It can do so much more and if some of you guys actually READ the Factor 5 interviews I've posted on this site you'd understand and stop passing off Resident Evil 5 from ever coming to the Wii. If Julian from Factor 5 says that the Wii is capable of producing the same effects as PS3/360 (Everything is custom and not pre-set like the other systems) like Highly Detailed Shaders, Normal Mapping, HDR Lighting and textures then you'd better believe him because Factor 5 were the main guys who had the insight on how the Gamecube was made and they coached Nintendo on what would be a very powerful yet cost smart system to make.

The Wii is the very example of that mentality, it is a next generation Gamecube which is awesome when you think about it. If you were trying to make the argument for RE5 coming to the PS2 then yes you'd be kicked to the curb, and since so many games look just like a PS2 game on the Wii (damn ports!) it has been easy for people to assume that the Wii is not capable of producing games that look close to 360/PS3 in Standard Def. RE4 for the Wii is the most realistic looking Wii game yet released and it's based on a 3 year old Gamecube game. Don't you think the Wii can make a game that looks even better even twice as good? You know the answer to that.

Biohazard said. 'Don't count on ever seeing re5 on the Wii. I doubt it would happen. The sales on the Wii would be alot smaller then they would be on the 360 or PS3. Think of it like this. Most people bought re4 on the wii because there was no other option.

How many of those sales would ahve been lost if they announced re4 remake on the 360 at the same time? People wont put down another $50 for differnet controls.' So, I guess the sales for the GameCube version of Resident Evil 4 were compromised when Capcom announced it for the PlayStation 2 (along with exclusive content), months before the GameCube version was even released, right?

When that news broke out, everybody was already calling for Nintendo's swan song because one of GameCube's most prized exclusives is being released on the PlayStation 2 (along with PC), yet the GameCube version sold real well. But even after the game's success on the GameCube, people were still content with spending $50 on the PlayStation 2 version. Nintendo fans still comprise most of the strong base in the Resident Evil franchise, as evident with the sales of the Wii Resident Evil titles. If Wii owners are willing to shell out $50 on multiplatform titles like WWE Smackdown vs.

Raw 2008, despite the fact the Wii version tends to get the short-end of the stick on visuals, then why not Resident Evil 5? Anonymous said. Anonymous said. You make an amazing point here. I am one of the many people who wants RE5 on Wii.

And as you said it wouldn't be that hard to make a port the Wii is capable of much more than it is given credit for. Just look at mario galaxy, REUC and RE4 all amazing looking games and there on Wii. I have signed the petition and i advise anyone who loves Resi to do the same. I have always been a Nintendo guy and RE5 not coming to Wii would force me to buy a crappy Xbox 360 complete RE5 and sell it, which i really don't want to do.

Have you considered sending this to Capcom as you make an excellent and very clear point which would leave Capcom with no excuse. I really want RE5 Wii and so does many others so ur far from alone in this situation. Wii can do much better, even factor5 says so!!

Yes I have posted this info on a the IGN forums and Gamespot forums. The petition has been going for a while now and I know Capcom has seen all of this also. I think they've got the message loud and clear: we want Resident Evil 5 on the Wii. They may not have enough time to do a port when the game is released but they can bring it out a little later if need be.

The Wii version of RE4 was released 2 and half years after the Gamecube version and don't you think it was worth ever bit of the wait and every bit as good as the first time you played it on Gamecube? I think so, and not only that but the Wii version feels like a new game thanks to the control scheme. RE5 would be the same way for the Wii when compared to the other systems which will be using dual analogue. Anonymous said. Capcom is a very capable company they were able to produce RE2 for the N64 back in the day and that was no easy task to do! I've no doubt they can produce RE5 on the Wii. Wii has yet to be pushed to the limit, I swear the Wii can do things that could look as good as first generation 360 games, Cube was a monster, and Wii is twice as powerful, maybe moreso.

So Wii most certainly can handle it. Bottomline is the bottom line, can Capcom make $$ bringing it to wii? RE4 will end up selling more copies on Wii than Cube and probably ps2 also. After playing RE4 on wii, I can't go back to the boring last gen setup, its not as responsive or intuitive. Plus capcom did say sales of re4 and uc would be the test, a test it seems Wii passed with flying colors, bottomline make it happen! I will not buy a 3-400$ machine just to play this game. Next gen graphics + Last Gen controls does not mix for me.

Anonymous said. I believe it is absolutely possible. The GC version of Leon Kennedy was composed of 10,000 polygons. It's a well known fact that some developers were able to get the GC to push 40 million polygons. If the Wii has 2-3x more power, then the Wii is actually a BEAST! Now that some DEVS are currently building Wii Engines from the ground up, (apparently proving that the Wii is capable of 'Next Gen' effects) I hope CAPCOM has the foresight to greenlight RE5 for the Wii! Dave's correct!

CAPCOM did say RE5 for Wii was dependent on how well RE4/RE:UC sold on the Wii. C'mon guys (CAPCOM), what's the deal?

While we're on the subject of RE, all we need now is the capability to run AND shoot at the same time. Running backwards AND shooting would be nice. Then we would have a better chance against zombies that haul ass! (Ala '28 Weeks Later!) LOL!

I have to say, though, RE4 set the bar pretty high. Nope, there is no pre-rendered video shown of Resident Evil 4 on the Wii or Gamecube for that matter. Resident Evil 4 ran completely in real-time (cut scenes included) on the Gamecube when it was first released back in 2005.

Capcom doesn't really have any good reasons to not bring this game to the Wii. They have even less of an excuse to not bring another Resident Evil game to the Wii. They need to bring a new Resident Evil game to the Wii done in the RE4 style.

Whether that is RE5 or a completely new RE game, it needs to get done because Wii owners are really dying to have another game like that on their system. Capcom would have easy money in the bank even if they put high production costs into making it.

Anonymous said. Difference between ps3/360 versions and wii. Village in ps3/360 would be one huge wide open world, on the wii its broken up into stages. Graphics on wii look standard compared to ps3/360, but still good graphics, the wii version would not have the effect where eyes adjust to light and dark, wii can handle maybe 18 enemies at once instead of 30 at once. And finally, the wii can handle all the same animations and physics but instead of 'real time' like ps3 and 360, it would be more scripted on wii. That's about all it takes for a wii version. Anonymous said.

That's just crazy. The Wii should be able to do just as much as 360 and PS3 SAME AMOUNT OF ENIEMIES AND MUCH MORE.

HAVE YOU EVEN SEEN THE GRAPHICS OF THE CONDUIT,SADNESS AND FATAL FRAME 4?! If they can make call of duty 5 and these other three monsters they can do this. Yes Call of Duty 5 will be on the Wii with graphics that compare to call of duty 4 for 360.

I had a 360 for about 3 weeks and it caught the Red ring of Death. It was a piece of shit. In other words please make Resident evil 5 for the Wii. I have been waiting for this game since I beat Resident Evil 4 on my gamecube. Look at Fatal Frame 4 or Sadness and tell me they that they can't make RE5 for the Wii it will probually sell more than Xbox360 and Ps3 copies combined. Anonymous said.

I have been a fan of Sony and Play station since I got a PS1. I also owned a n64 at the time. Only reason I liked ps1 more is because it has more of the game genres i like (red alert aftermath was a favorite along with GTA) But after going through 2 Ps1's and 3 ps2's (all broke in after a year, and i am very careful with my electronics)I don't trust Play station or Sony's products for shit.

My original NES from like 1989 STILL WORKS. So does my super Nintendo.

I refuse to buy another Playstation. And I would never touch a Xbox neither. I was planning purchasing a Wii this week and I already own Re4 for PS2 but i plan to buy it for Wii as a first game. HD isn't a issue because I have two 60 inch big screens that don't support HD anyways. The new controls are the biggest thing though. I agree graphics aren't as important as controls.

Think about GTA San Andreas for PC compared to PS2, besides being able to modify the content and that on high end systems the graphics where great. The controls where stupid as hell. Just ass capcom would be stupid ass hell not to release it for wii. Ozfunghi said. GCN pushed 17 million poly's in Rebel Strike all effects (including normal mapping) on at 30FPS and still looks better than any Wii game outside SMG. I've been saying Capcom should just give the RE4 engine to Factor5 and let them port RE5 with a new graphics engine.

Wanna bet it would rock? The PS2 version of RE4 pushed less than 2/3rds of the poly's that the GCN version pushed, but you didn't really notice it. Meaning, they could put 1/3rd more enemies on screen for the GCN version without a noticeable difference. No port that to the Wii and you can put out even more enemies on screen, or keep the same amount and just polish the graphics.

Of course it will never look like PS360 but that really is not necessary to tell the story and deliver the gameplay. The only problem COULD be the AI, but knowing Resident Evil, i doubt that would be a problem. Haven't seen too much physics Wii couldn't handle either. Last but not least, if they could port RE4 to a f*cking cellphone, they can port RE5 to the Wii. Also, they don't have to make an exact port, let them make a 'Seperate Ways' version of RE5 but really fleshed out. Fine by me too.

Just give us a true RE experience and not this Umbrella Chronicles crap, which happened to sell over a million copies too, Capcom. In case you're wondering if the franchise will sell. Arius Dion said.

I don't think dead rising is the secret game capcom was talking about. But lets examine that, if they can port that game to the wii from the 360, RE5 seems like a logical move that should follow suit. I dont know if any of you have seen the recent video of CoD5 running on Wii but it looks fantastic! The conduit is another game that is pushing the Wii's performance benchmark forward. The TEV unit is a gold mine few devs have utilized. I don't think people should worry too much about the Big N's E3 performance, E3 as a whole is not what it used to be and so be it.

Remember Re2 on N64 wasnt supposed to happen, due to the cartridge format, Capcom made it happen. I just truly believe this game will make its way to the Wii. Also with Wii stepping up their online services and that new WiiSpeak peripheral online co-op is a must on Wii also. Is it just me, or do some third parties seem to be steppin up finally? EA, Activision, and Capcom in particular. Firstly I have both a 360 and a Wii.

If RE5 came out on both at the same time you know which I'd run first to get.the Wii version honestly. Why cos I played RE4 on PS2 then on Wii.

The Wii version was simply the funnier game. And the fact is its the same for the 360 and the Wii. Dead rising comes to Wii.does anyone see history repeating itself here? The first reason being, The PS3 and 360 are in a different bracket than the Wii.

You can do the same on each but with the Wii its harder its difficult to do teh same things so it holds back development as ppl try to make this next-gen game fit all the systems. Therefore its better to lead with these two systems you can stretch yourself as a games developer. Try new things. Then its easier to port it later and leave out the new things if that has to be the case, or try doing them slightly differently.

For example fewer zombies on screen or lower resolution zombies, or no dust particles fying around but all the zombies. See where I'm going here? You have the 'perfect idea' its just implementing it on Wii best. The second reason is much simpler ppl who have the 360/PS3 version will buy the Wii version later.I certainly will other Wii owners will. Cos it is that much fun to bullseye zombies with your Wiimote. I Stand here and know for a fact RE5 will come to Wii. I honestly think it won't come till 6 months after 360/PS3 but I know it will.

Anonymous said. First of all, nice post on the RE5 for wii, secondly, here is what i think about this possibility. Never in my life i play a game which is so good in sense of graphic, control and gameplay. RE4 is simply an epic for any gamers who like action games.

Sure the horror factor is little, but as long as a game is fun, why not? I played it on ps2, solved the main game and didnt bother to go for separate way, find the control to be least fun. Pick it up again on the wii, i find myself going after 5 stars in the mercenaries extra, over and over again without getting bored. That's what i called a great game, from every aspect of the game itsef, wii seem to be a perfect system for such an over the shoulder gameplay.

So if RE5 not coming to Wii,there is nothing the gamer lose, the one who is losing is capcom! There are eventually millions of wii copy they are going to sell, and I don't think capcom didn't see that coming.:) 2. The natural of business, no one in the business would tell you ' hey, I earned enough from this product, let stop selling it'. Well, they know RE5 for Ps3 and Xbox is going to sell well, and they are 100% sure that its going to sell much more in wii (even if they tuned down the graphic without the HD), so why bother selling or releasing it now. HIstory shows that RE4 wii still sell real good. History now show that a remake of Dead Rising made fans excited.

So this the natural of business, stay low to grab as much potential buyers first, then go on with a release to grab the rest of the buyers + the existing buyer. I am pretty sure if you got yourself a PS3/Xbox ver of RE5, you will still get the Wii ver when its release! That the power of interactive motion gameplay in wii. Resources + time period + revenues. They got at least half of the resources for RE5 made into wii, even if they need to built from ground, they already got the storyboards, the flow of the games, controls manipulation from RE4, all being setup for them, and with their experiences in making RE4 in wii, their only obstacles is the graphic section. However, they already save lot of resources and time period to develop a game which could actually sell and make profits, so why not? IN a nut shell, sure we are waiting and waiting, being as not the nintendo fanboy, but more to serious games fans, we always want to enjoy games which is fun, in this case,RE5.

Until then, let's again hope for the best to come:). Funny how this keeps going on.

I already posted a link to a factor-5 article on GC shader implementations on that other thread. First, those screenshots DON'T compare at all. If you take photos from your TV set you'll get that 'overlit' effect that's in your RE4 example pics. Furthermore you can't compare RE4 cut-scenes with RE5 ingame graphics.

Cutscenes really dont require much more than 50.000 polies per frame (the Wii only has 300.000 SD pixels remember?) But still, I think the Wii CAN pull of similiar graphics. RE5 looks so good because of the lighting. Sunlight gives very bright 'overlit' reflection on stuff like skin, leather, metallic stuff and even stones.

Now, check the sunlight effects in for example Zelda or No More Heroes. It's the same. If capcom would use reflective shading on skin and emboss bumpmapping (for both shadow and light) on clothes in combination with hardware lighting it would look great. Since RE5 won't utilize large open areas Capcom could introduce a portal engine so they can dynamically stream environment from disc. This would also reduce the amount of polygons that have to be rendered per frame (I don't think the Wii really hits much more than 20M per second with stuff like bumpmapping and reflections going on). But that should be sufficient since the Wii can't show much more than 300.000 polies a frame and a lot polies represent large surfaces, reducing the required number of polygons even more.

20M should be okay for 30fps games. A MUCH MORE INTERESTING POINT IS: Are we content with game controls??? I think Leon is kind of sluggish. I would love it if I could walk when shooting and I would like it even more if I could do some quick sidestep to dodge those zombies. The Wiis not strong enough. I dont know why you cant tell the difference even in those crappy screen shots you posted. RE5 looks better then RE4 in the screen shots, just imagine what it will look like in 1080i on the PS3.

Wii doesnt even support 1080i. Dont get me wrong, id love a Wii version. I happen to like the Wii more then the PS3, but with all the newest additions that Capcom is aiming for with RE5, i just dont think it will be possible on the Wii without sacrificing the quality of the game and its graphics. If they did release a Wii version and it suffered visually or even content wise, i would still buy it. I want to see Capcom redo RE1 RE2 and RE3 with the same graphics and over the shoulder view like RE4 for Wii. The Wii can EASILY support RE5.

Sure it won't look as great but we don't want it for its looks but rather the wonderful immersion from the motion controllers (!) I think the current development team on Resident Evil 5 are getting nervous about the Wii because the XBOX/PS3 versions really aren't such a huge leap ahead from RE4!! Their smack talk about the Wii can't handle the graphics makes me laugh. What are they gonna come out with next. 'Vegeterians can't eat sandwiches because they don't eat meat?'

Anonymous said. The Wii can be pushed to the limits, and i think it will be able to handle RES 5, the reason i bought if for the next gen systems controls and i don't want to go buy a 360 or ps3 just to play one game. Also facts are facts 40,000 want RES 5 on wii more than that capcom knows it will make money, and transferring it to the wii looks pretty easy, RES 5 and RES 4 looks the same just change the controls and wii certify it, pop it in, and if the wii cant handle it, down grade the graphics, simple. Capcoms just being lazy, and i'm sure they will lose a couple thousand fans. Actia Multi Diag Keygen there. Indeed an epic post. I think the 50,000+ signatures on the petition agree with you. RE4 on Wii is my favourite Wii game hands-down.

If they just attempted, if they would just take the risk to make a wider selection of mature wii games, the sales would fly. RE4 and No More Heroes are prime examples of that - People love them. More to the point, Nintendo should advertise such games more as oppose to almost being ashamed of them, and in terms of graphics capabilities. The Wii is fully capable. I think Capcom will announce it anyway, shortly after the 360 & PS3 sales drop, there is no way loyal RE fans would ever forgive them if they didn't. Oh, and that freudian slip is indeed promising, aswell:). Anonymous said.

Pacience my friends, business are business, if we have to wait I'll wait. Btw nintendo launches n64 the last nintendo expensive console with expensive games, what happened? Almost bankruptcy for Nintendo(not really sure about it, but, i just had to look at the stock market to know), so playstation was cheaper with cheaper games copying everything from his father nintendo, putting 2 joysticks( the second one useless and everybody buy into), dual shock that cant compare to the original rumble pack of nintendo in star fox (man i love that game), what else did they copied? Anyways nintendo make that mistake n64 was expensive and games expensive. SO nintendo learned and innovate had to sell RARE T_T i loved perfect dark i really loved it i was gonna buy an stupid xbox just to play the sequel, but naa no way wii came out then perfect dark zero came out, and i just forgot it, after playing metroid prime corruption i dont wanna play another FPS using a joystick aaaggghhh!!!

Anyways back to my topic hehe, ps3 made the mistake to make something really expensive with better graphics but nothing else but that. Anonymous said. Anonymous said. People should take into account another wii title called The Conduit. That game is proving that the Wii is capable of creating visuals on par with the earlier titles on the 360. You should look into it if you don't believe me.

If you know what I'm talking about then don't you think that with all The Conduit is doing on the Wii that downgrading RE5 from the 360 wouldn't be so horribly difficult to achieve after all? They could even try to gain rights to use a modified version of The Conduit's graphical engine if they needed something to work with. Anonymous said. Resident Evil 5 for the wii would be a best seller in my opinion. The ability to actually 'control' your fire makes it alot more entertaining. Resident Evil 4 for the wii had a large profit coming in and with Resident Evil 5, the same would happen.

The only problem they would have is that on RE4 for the wii, they dumbed down the AI to make it possible to get use to is. They would probably want to do the same on RE5 but I see no need for it. Which just plain out shows that there isn't a large downfall making RE5 for the wii. Anonymous said. I totally agree with all this! It should be for wii!

They also remade all of the original resident evils for gamecube (nintendo) so why not have resident evil 5 for wii which is also nintendo! I've also watched the recent demos for re5 and the gameplay is VERY simular to re4, sure there are many different new things but ganados act very simular when shot certain ways, there are still laser pointers on all guns, and the reloading of them, and the sounds are all the same! Another important thing tho!!!!

RE5 has a CO-OP mode!!!!! I hav heard its online or offline split screen!!! If the game is made for wii i truly hope they will have this in there!!!! Good luck evryone! Anonymous said.

RE5 is very possible for the wii, as you can see the conduit will be coming out soon, and have you seen its graphics? Its been declared the best wii graphics ever almost. So seeing the RE5 will have plenty of time to port the game to the wii, i would like to hear one good solid reason why they cant. I use to have a x box, when the 360 came out i was about to buy it until i hear news of the wii coming out. I knew so many people would either accept this new gaming look or hate it.

So i bought the wii instead, and i know games like the conduit and RE5(if ported to the wii) would inspire more fps fans to get a wii. Capcom ought to see what a wonderful chance they have here. The Wii cries out for great games and the Resident Evil 4 certainly delivers. The Umbrella Chronicles was great; had the killer punch, then came Leon Kennedy, tasked with protecting the President's daughter Ashley. I believe that Capcom would be making a grave mistake depriving us of RE5 on Wii, as the sales of RE5 would be well worth the development alone. So Is Capcom incapable of developing Wii games or can they follow up RE4 with a massive success? Prove me wrong.

I'm 27 and have seen nearly every game system produced, and I have to say that RESIDENT EVIL 4 IS THE GREATEST GAME I HAVE EVER PLAYED! Once and a while a game will come out that changes how we feel about gaming. Mortal Kombat for Sega Genesis. N64's Golden Eye with the 4 player split screen. PS2's Gran Turismo and it's awesome simulation, and the Metal Gear Solid series with it's movie like storyline. Even Xbox changed the way we thought about online console gaming with C.O.D. The Wii system alone changed the way we think about gaming, but I think Wii's version of Resident Evil 4, with its unique controls, is what got me hooked on Wii.

I've played every Resident Evil and never been disappointed (except by the 1st-person shooters). When I went to Gamestop last week looking for an accessory they were reserving copies for RE5. I was devastated when they told me it wouldn't be released for Wii. I almost punched the guy.

So based on all these wonderful comments I've read the question is not whether or not Wii can make it as good as Xbox or PS3, because it's pretty much proven that they can - the question is 'Why WOULDN'T they do it?' If you do a balance sheet and list all the reasons they wouldn't release it for Wii against the reasons they would, it's no contest.

They should release it for Wii. Lets face it. Capcom has us by the balls and can pretty much do whatever they want with release dates because they know people will buy RE5. I'm sure some executive jerk over at Capcom said, 'Let's put some time and money into other projects to show we can still make new stuff.

We can always fall back on RE5 for Wii.' Anonymous said. While I agree that Resident Evil 5 belongs on the Wii, I have played the Japan-exclusive XBOX 360 demo on a high def set-up, and believe me - it is STUNNING. The Wii won't be able to reproduce those effects. Factor 5 is right about the Wii having lots of untapped potential, but it's selective. I'll give you a great example. The Wii might be able to duplicate SOME lighting effects, but the act of doing so would severely tax it's processor - which isn't nearly as strong.

Yes, everything is flexible, but if you're using something - it has to be borrowed from somewhere. I do know what I'm talking about, and believe me, there's a huge difference between producing FMVs and producing gameplay on such a high level. That being said, Resident Evil 5 would be capable of looking very good - assuming the appropriate time was taken with it to ensure it's overall quality. To get the maximum visual fidelity, it will take a lot of balancing and tweaking to see how and when to tax the Wii's architecture. This type of trial and error optimizing isn't easy, and it's very time-consuming. My guess is that Capcom will get it done, and that they will throw die-hard Nintendo fans a couple of exclusives to make up for the wait.

There are simply too many Wii owners for Capcom to ignore. Finally, there is a major difference between looking at screen captures and seeing a finished product in action. Yes, RE4 was good-looking, but it also had a high level of grain and pixelization that isn't present in RE5.

The look is a lot cleaner this time around. This of it this way. It's the difference between looking at pre-rendered backgrounds in the PS installments of Resident Evil 3 and looking at the PS2 version of Resident Evil 4. The effect holds up well initially, but with greater exposure, the flaws become more clearly illustrated. I, however, like everyone else commenting here, can't wait for RE5 to surface on the Wii - especially since I enjoyed the control scheme in RE4: Wii Edition.

That won't, however, stop me from buying the game for either the PS3 or 360 - since they will be different experiences. Anonymous said. Resident Evil 5 is horrible anyway. The whole schtick is outdated even compared to it's clones (dead space). It looks pretty but the characters control like robots. The truth is it would likely be a pain for capcom to port the game to the wii and they'd have to rework the ai and the graphics otherwise it would run like sludge.

It would probably control better however (hehe). It is horrible, you should be grateful to capcom for dead rising.that game is awesome (probably a ton of draw in though). Just my opinion. Nothing is impossible. If they can do it for Resident Evil 4, they can do it for Resident Evil 5. People are right, Capcom has no excuse to not put this game on stock for Wii.

Hundreds of thousands of people are rooting for RE5 Wii Edition and Capcom would make so much money. I think it would be so cool if it was to be made for Wii that it would be Wii Speak enhanced. Using Wii Speak would give you the ability to play online and talk to your partner. Just a nice thought. If Capcom decided to let a Wii edition for Resident Evil 5 to slip, millions of people would be dissapointed.

PLEASE Capcom, don't leave Wii owners just rotting out while the 360 and PS3 owners get to enjoy the games. Were counting on you! Anonymous said. Here's what Capcom should take into account. If you're like me and possibly a lot of the other commenters here, then you'd pay a premium to get the RE5 WII version with what a lot of the rest of you would call inferior graphics.

It was (and is) that good in terms of control. The graphics argument I can understand from a coding perspective -- lots of $$$ involved if it means supporitng two compeletely different graphics engines.

But from an enjoyment perspective, it's like the audiophile telling me about frequencies his system can play that mine can't -- even though most real music lovers would never be able to tell the difference. So Capcom -- put that in your pipe and smoke it -- you could make a ton of money on this game. Well, I played through the RE5 game on a friend's PS3. It was a great game and I won't bash it, but I really didn't like the controls. I have only used the PS3 a few times and I never really got used to the controller. After playing RE5 on it for 15 hours I was used to it (for the most part), but I still wasn't comfortable with it. I own a Wii and am just like the rest of you guys.

I would buy the game in a split second if it was ported to the Wii. It is really a hassle when I already own a system that would be perfectly capable of playing it. If I must, I can and will stop buying RE games. I won't like it, but I also know how to speak with my money. I have been buying RE games since RE 1. I bought RE3:Nemesis too.

I also bought Code Veronica. Hmmmm, that's right, I also bought RE 2. Yeah I bought RE 4 for the Wii.I would love to buy RE 5, but I can't.Please Capcom, take my money. I also bought RE:Zero.

Anonymous said. Capcom can totally make a wii port of this game, hands down.the only thing that bothers me about this is your comparison of graphics. Yes, for the time RE4 had amazing graphics, but i currently own RE5 and RE4, and im sorry but the graphics on RE5 completely BLOW the graphics of RE4 out of the water.

The wii wouldnt be able to look that good, and i dont care what kind of technical data you throw at me, the wii isnt powerful enough to handle those graphics.on the other hand, graphics dont matter. Dead rising on the 360 has great graphics, and its a great game. The wii version of dead rising is the exact same game with wii graphics. It doesnt look as sharp as the 360 version but its still fun, which is the same vibe im getting from a wii version of RE5. Anonymous said. RE5 looks graphically impressive but at times they overdid it for the cutscenes. I reckon a Wii edition could look like RE4 with bloom lighting and self shadowing (as seen in Twilight Princess and Rogue Leader) intact.

I don't see why the areas and enemies can't be repicated they weren't anything special. Dead Rising Chop Till You Drop was very close to the original in standarrd definition the only thing seemingly missing was the shadows. You may point out the enemy fade in too but that was probably down to developer laziness or the game engine or something. If a RE5 Wii does happen I would like to see two of DRCTYD's revisions intact and those are automatically collecting fallen items and the D pad weapon select (which was present in RE5). R E 4 Wii said.

With nintendo announcing the release of the wii 2 in 2010 or 11, it can probably be said that Resident Evil 5 will eventually make it to the wii. The wii 2 will have high def thus making itself evident as an obvious transfer of consoles. Resident Evil 4 came out in 2005 and appeared on the wii in 2007. If Resident Evil 5 comes out in 2009 there will be another 2 year gap until 2011 when the wii 2 should already be out. Hopefully Resident Evil 5 can come to wii sooner but if it doesn't, at least it's more than likely that it will come eventually. Anonymous said. The trouble with porting RE5 to the Wii is not really a graphical leap.

Anonymous said. Anonymous said.

An RE5 on wii would be cool, but as we all know, it wont be nearly as graphically stunning as the true next gen consoles. Pro-cool controls Con- Graphic and sound are gonna suck Con - not as many enemies could be on the same screen, although i doubt that will be as much of a problem as in Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop Con - Movements wouldnt be as fluid. That being said, i think ill take the 360 version, although i would love to try RE5 on wii, but as has been said before, its all about the benjamins, and a wii port, as we can all see by the insane amount of comments here Capcom would sell probably as many as copies on wii as on 360 and PS3 put together, but then again, how many real gamers own a PS3?

It does kind of suck. I really think that Capcom should stop feeding us Wii owners this side-story crap. Yes, umbrella cronicles was a resident evil game. No, that doesnt make it very good.

I really liked the format of RE4 as opposed to the rail-shooter format of Umbrella Cronicles. Exploring and reaching every nook and cranny was (and is) a great part of RE4. RE5 for the Wii sounds like such a obvious transition.

I would bet money that most Wii owners would rather have lower graphics and be able to play RE5, then not at all. Capcom should really have some sense with this. It seems obvious to me. And if they do make Darkside Cronicles, please, i really dont feel like ANOTHER rail-shooter for the Wii. Rachetandclank40 said. I really hope that they port Resident Evil 5 to the Wii. Even though the graphics might be just a little downgraded, im sure RE5 will hold its name in terms of gameplay and action/horror/survival.

You can't not admit even though borrowing the same mechanics from resident evil 4 and tweaking them a bit,adding better texture and better animations (lots of Majini types), that it still wouldn't look magnificent on the Wii. If RE4and Resident Evil The Umbrella Chronicles can look good on the Wii,then Resident Evil 5 has a damn good chance of giving hardcore fans (like myself) a good invested game. Capcom needs to make the right choice. 120,000+ fans are waiting. Bleeding Heart said.

You people complaining that using gamecube shots were inacurate would be wrong. As you were told the Wii is 3x more advanced and granted not as advanced as the ps3/360 but it has the capabilities to work on wii even if the graphics arn't as great.

Besides the way the game would handle alone would be reason for anyone to buy. I have compared the graphics for resident evil 4 for the wii and re5 for the ps3 and there is not as much a diffrence as you would think. Not one that is noticable while you are in the middle of playing the game at least. Face it, it probly will come out on the wii due to the fact that it will make them money. I am a big fan of RE4, and was disappointed when RE5 was not released on the Wii.

But, if it takes 2 or 3 years to invest time and effort into porting a RE5 game for the Wii the exitement for the game will have passed. Since Capcom would have to use a different game engine and build the game from the ground up it would be a better investment to develop RE6 exclusively for the Wii.

Excitement for an exclusive game would generate higher sales than a 3 year old ported game. The RE4 port for the PS2 did not do as well, so why make the same mistake twice by porting RE5 for the Wii.

If it occurred within 6 months of the Xbox 360 and PS3 releases a port may make sense, but that's not going to happen. Save the RE5 Wii edition for later, and concentrate on a RE6 Wii exclusive. I can't believe what I'm reading, you actually diss the PS2 version saying it lacked many of what the GameCube had and try to say that RE5 isn't much for the Wii because it doesn't look so much better than RE4? Man you must be be the most idiot person in the planet. Have you ever PLAYED RE5, it's incredibly more advanced than RE4 (technology, physics, visuals, definition). RE5 on the Wii would make the console explode lol The GC wasn't that much more powerful than the PS2, and the downgrade was already cruel, imagine comparing the 360 and PS3 (two incredibly powerful machines, mind you) with the Wii, which is basically a GameCube 1.1. You should kill yourself for being a n00b.

Anonymous said. Look because RE5 is becomeing another smash hit in the gaming industry of course it was going to take time for the creators at Capcom to expand the franchise to more consoles just like they did with RE4. With 'talks of expansion' already in session we now know that in no time at all the decision has already been made to create a working 'demo' of RE5 for the Wii but a complete game would not be ready for another few moths or even a year which may cause some disappointment to alot of fans of the franchise. In my opinion the creation of a finished Wii installment of RE5 will definately be in the future of Capcom and all lovers of the Resident Evil experience. Anonymous said. Im sitting in my basement fuming over this, capcom could work off re4 parameters to create re5 wii edition. I own a copy of the guiness book of world records gaming edition.

The wii sold more than 11.4 million units in 2008, the highest of all three consoles. The wiis hardware specs are as follows: 512mb internal flash memory, can run over 500 million polygons per second, 88 mb of ram, 64mb of GDDR3 ram, it has a pc “broadway” processor which runs at 729 MHz, the gc only ran 12 million polygons per second! With 485MHz pc processor. To make re4 for gc would have been tougher than making re5 for wii. Fuck, the original xbox only ran 116 million polygons a second, the is 5 times as powerful, yet 3 times smaller, the xbox [old] only had a 733MHz processor, only 4MHz more than the wii, and the visuals games like fable and fable the lost chapters are excellent, except for storage capacity and badwidth the is equal to or superior to the old xbox. NO FUCKING EXCUSE CAPCOM NONE.