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Good Day All! This is Genjua!

I am new on this forum i have seen great discussion in this forum which is rreally very appriciatable! I have a controller CAREL PCo3 i want to connect that controllewr directly to my computer RS-232 port by using simple RS-232 to RS-485 converter.

The con nection which i am doing is from PLAN port of Carel PCo3. My goal is to upload CONTROLL LOGIC from the CONTROLLER PCO3. Kindly Help me to download the program from the controller which softaware i have to use?

I have ITOOL trial version can i upload logic using trial version? One more thing normal RS-232 to RS-485 converter will work or not? Waiting for your help BR Genjua. Narkom first of all Thankyou very much for your kind support.

Yes I do know about that SMARTKEY hardware! Well I am in Pakistan where there is no support for CAREL products it will took alot of time if i order this key! Narkom is there is any way to get software/logic/ST logic upload/download from PCO3 controller without having SMARTKEY? I have a trial version of 1tool as well as I have RS-232 to RS-485 converter i have RS-485 to USB converter also PCO3 controller along with PGD is there is anyway? All i need is just to upload the logic from the controller.

Carel Winload 32 Download

Waiting to hear back narkom. Narkom as i have told you i am representative of schneider electric. My task is to replace Carel controller PCO3 with Schneider electric xenta controllers. Before i start my task i want to read/study carel pco3 logic that is why i want to read logic from the controller. As you asked 'Why trying to download the software from pCO and not using software files of standard software solutions?' Because i do not know which standard file is suitable for me. Maybe you can help me.

Carel system has been commissioned by CLIMAVENTA Italy project name is Outdoor Packaged unit for mobile phone with freecooling. There are 4 PCO3 controller are connected in daisy chain with PLAN Port and 4 controller have 1 PGD Interface. Plese tell me the purpose of commtool.

3.1 pCO Manager Note: Winload cannot be used to download Chiller Core to a pCO controller, as Winload cannot manage the user atom *.blx file. All CAREL pCO sistema series 16 bit controllers (see the pCO sistema manual) can update their software from a PC. CAREL provides a program called pCOLoad and a serial.

I have been reading your posts with interest. As I understand it, you wish to interrogate Carel's software. Which you are trying to do for free. Largely with the help provided on this forum, in the main by Narcom.

A very helpful and knowledgeable member. With this information you intend to develop a rival software using your employers Hardware.

Once developed are you intending to offer this 'Package' or will it be for sale? Because if it's not for 'All'. Which is what I suspect! Why should you be assisted to 'Crack' Carel's System. If I am wrong and you intend to put back into the forum some of what you are taking out? I apologise in advance.

Good Day Grizzly! First of all thanks for your interest in reading my post. I want to clarify that i am not intrested in any carel software as my product line is Schneider Electric not Carel. Prince Of Persia 2008 Xbox Iso S. I have one customer who is sick of using CAREL becuase they do not get any support regarding CAREL here in PAKISTAN. Due to that they want us to replace current hardware with our Schneider Electric hardware.

Generic Bluetooth Adapter For Hp Probook 4530s. Before i start replacing hardware i just want to read Logic/Program from CAREL PCO3 controller so that i will make same logic in my Schneider Electric product. Well i think its a customer right they can call us and ask for support and its my job to support the customer. Please be informed that my customer has trying to contact Carel Italy but due to safety and security point odf view they are not coming to Pakistan as their ENSURANCE policy is not applicable in pakistan. I hope you understand customer problem and the whole situation. Read the range Output. A) 0-20ma or b) 4-20ma c) 0-10v Therefore:- a, has a range of 20 b, has 16 and c, = 10 Next look at the range the transmitter operates. Say d) -1 to 8bar (LP) or e) 0 to 30bar (HP).

Therefore you divide the number of the scale a, b, or c. Into the range as d or e Which will give you your rate of pressure increase per ma or volt. This is all put very simply but hopefully makes sense. And if possible you need to allow an offset facility within your software program) So that any cable resistances can be factored out!