Coin Slot Timer Software

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Coin Slot Timer Software

MARZHX Computer Software timer - Great for coin operated computer stations. - Works with any brand of coin slot/selector. - Uses serial port interface for the coin slot/selector. - Still works with motherboard with no serial port. Just use USB to RS232 converter or use an RS232 PCIE card. - Performs proper Windows shut-down once shut-down time is up.

This not only shuts-down the system unit but also the computer peripherals. This greatly saves on electrical cost, contrary to the conventional digital timer. PRODUCT FEATURES: 1.

Auto-shutdown mechanism if time is up, thus saving on electricity cost. Generates a sound once time is close to zero. Works perfectly with standard electronic coin-slot. Time rate can be easily adjusted by the owner with security password. Build in Windows Locking mechanism.

Project: usb to coinslot with. And also have a software that would recognize that the coinslot is inserted with coin, so the software. When the software timer.

Secure locking mechanism includes: • Access lock to all dives & folders. • Hiding Drives. • Access lock to control panel and add/remove programs. Tmpgenc 4.0 Xpress Download here. • Disables right click to desktop and taskbar. • Remove all items from the start menu except for the Programs menu. • Access lock to display settings. • Access lock to Task Manager. Load X Men Origins Wolverine Pc Game Crack Free on this page.

• Task manager or other utility programs can not end task or end process the software timer. • Once locked, unauthorized persons can't bypass the timer. Even if one goes to different options when F8 is pressed during loading of windows, such as safe mode, normal mode or directory restore service.

• Disables CTRL, ALT, DEL 6. Time is saved on a database. In case of power interruption, remaining time will be saved and will be resumed once power is back. No need to do refund. Just wait until power is back.

Automatic inventory count - Software includes a coin counter feature and you can track all income reports from time to time. It is also saved on its own database. Auto-send Income Report to Owner's Email Add - This is the latest feature. Timer now has a capability to automatically send income report to the Owner's Email Address. To do it, simply register the owner's email add on the control panel of the Timer and set the scheduled date and time when the timer will automatically send the income report through email.

FOR Demo and inquires, please contact Engr. Jonathan Oracoy at 09. You can download the latest installer of our software timer here.