Columbia University Science Honors Program Testimonials

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Columbia University Science Honors Program, New York, NY. The Columbia University Science Honors Program (SHP) is a Saturday morning program. The Kiplinger Best Value College Index methodology emphasizes a “quality” side in relation to the “cost” side of a university. The quality side includes.

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Contents • • • • • Curriculum [ ] Since 1958, SHP has offered courses spanning the full range of the pure and applied sciences, from and, to in and in the, as well as introductions to,, and. The program was directed by educator from its inception until 1964, and during that period admitted students as young as ten years old. It boasts many famous alumni, including the creator of GNU, Richard Stallman, and several Nobel Laureates.

Columbia University Science Honors Program Testimonials

The program was run by Professor for many years, and has recently been taken over by Professor Jeremy Dodd. Administration [ ] Classes are held each Saturday throughout the, from September through May at at Columbia University.

There are no for the program, but students must provide their own transportation expenses, to and from Columbia's campus in. The program receives funding from the university, and donations from corporations and foundations, as well individual donations from students.

Admission [ ] To apply to the SHP, students must go online to the Columbia SHP website; however, this was not the procedure in 1958 when the program started. The main portion of the application process is a rigorous, three-hour proctored in the Columbia University campus that contains questions in both and. The exam is tripartite, consisting of a 50 question 'easy' mathematics section, a 75 question survey science section, and a 15 question 'challenge' mathematics section. The average acceptance rate for the program is usually around 20%. There are 300-400 participants in the program across all 3 grades (10,11,12).

Applications are mailed to schools within a 75-mile radius of New York City campus, and there are several more requirements beside the test: A transcript of the student's grades, a recommendation by a science or math teacher, and a student are also required. References [ ].

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