Concrete Mix Ratio Calculator

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Whether you are planning on re-paving your driveway, installing a footpath, building a patio, or even making a plant box, the one thing that these common DIY projects is that they all involve concrete. By definition, concrete is the combination of a binder which is cement, fine aggregates such as sand, and coarse aggregates like gravel. But even though you know what makes up the composition of concrete, that does not mean you can create an effective concrete mixture just by guessing what amounts of which ingredients goes where. There is actually a concrete mix ratio, a recipe if you will, that ensures that the concrete you create is as strong enough for your intended purposes. Otherwise, you could end up with concrete that is too brittle, or too dense, for your needs. This error, depending on your specific task, could prove to be catastrophic in the end. Concrete Components Cement – This is the binding material that attaches all of the other components in the concrete altogether.

Concrete Mix Ratio Calculator

There are different kinds of cement being manufactured today, but for ordinary household DIY projects you will mostly be using Ordinary Portland cement, or OPC. You may also come across white Portland and masonry cement is some projects as well. Aggregates – The aggregates are the components that actually give body and strength to the entire concrete mix.

Fine aggregates include sand and fine pebbles, while coarse aggregates include large pebbles, rocks and gravel. Society Bye Laws In Marathi Pdf. You will always use coarse aggregates when mixing concrete, the size of the coarse aggregates you need to use will depend highly on how you will be using the concrete; if you are planning on exposing the concrete on extremely high compressive forces, like a driveway, then you need to use larger size diameter aggregates like gravel for the job. Water – The cement needs water to activate and start hardening.

You need to use just enough water to complete wet all the cement in the mix, put too much and the concrete will take a long time to dry and cure, put too little and there will be patches of unmixed cement and gravel in between the concrete which will greatly decrease its strength. Why is the Concrete Ratio so Important?

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