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Backpacker Map Maker Lite; BACKPACKER Map Maker Lite is GPS mapping software for your iPad. Plan backpacking and camping trips, and other outdoor adventures on.

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Infos: HTML Imagemaps An imagemap is a HTML element, which can used with a to integrate links directly into an image. On the contrary to an -tag, it allows to set several links into only one image. Imagemaps are one of the best ways to add multiple links. Really useful for linking banners, newsletter, e-mails or landingpages. Just specify severel areas.

Each area stores some coordinates. Coordinates are pixel-values seperated with a comma and have an alignment from the left upper corner of the image. If you want to give the area a rectangle format, mark it as shape='rect' into HTML and set two (left-top and right-bottom) coordinate-pairs. Example: For each area you can set links as attribute href='www.google.com'. This free image-mapping tool let you create the coordinates directly by clicking into the image - no programming knowledge required. HTML Code:, & The clickable area can be rectangles shape='rect', polygons shape='poly' or circles shape='circle'. Shape-Values are coordiate-pairs.

Every pair have a X and a Y value (from left/top of an image) separated with a comma. Every pair is as well separated with a comma. • Rectangle: Set four coordinates. X1,y1,x2,y2 • Polygon: Set as many coordinates as you want (a multiple of two) • Circle: One coordinate-pair and second value a radius. X1,y1,radius HTML Imagemap Demo Code with x / y.

• • • • • • Use the href-attribute to set links. It's also important to link the with the using usemap-attribute within the image. These value of the attribute must be the map's name-attribute. Blueprint Of The New Concept Larry Hoover Pdf Free. For using this software, you just need to click into your uploaded image.

So quickly forget the HTML code you've learned before;).