Download Game Yakyuken Special Psx Iso

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Yakyuuken Special The Yakyuken Special is a Japanese game for the Sega Saturn by Societa Daikanyama. The gameplay involves playing games of rock, paper, scissors or Janken-Pon against 12 Japanese women, which are portrayed through the use of FMV. Each round of rock, paper, scissors allows the player five chances to win. Each time the player wins a round, the opponent will strip a piece of her clothing, which varies depending on the opponent. The game engine makes it difficult to win because there is less than a 50% chance of winning in any given round, thus it is very difficult for a player to strip the opponent of all of her clothing, even with five chances per round. Disc 1-2 in 6-6 girl.

Download Game Yakyuken Special Psx Iso

Download Software Receiver Tanaka Hd there. Publisher: Societa Daikanyama Developer: Societa Daikanyama Genre: Adult Language: JAP Number Of Players: 1 Players Region: NTSC-J Source: 2xCD Disc ID: - (built from Sega saturn game) Format:.BIN+.CUE ESR Patch: No Release Date: 1995 Tested with CDMage: (disc1:NO error)(disc2:160 error) Tested play with emulator: Work Packing: 7ZIP Number of pack: 1 Part(s) Size of pack(s): 618MB Unpack size: Disc 1: 423MB/Disc 2: 431MB.

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