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DreamWorks Animation's Apollo Software received the Ub Iwerks Award for career contributions for technical advancements that made a significant impact on the art or industry of animation. For the past 5 years, DreamWorks Animation has undergone a major software tool re-architecture. The result: in the Apollo Animation Platform. Safewell Electronic Safe Manual more.

This platform was motivated by the studio’s desire to take advantage of emerging massively multi-core processing technology and cloud enabled scalability. Its goal: to introduce a new breed of real-time animation tools, aimed at and designed by artists. The first film to fully use the Apollo platform was the 2014 DreamWorks film, “How To Train Your Dragon 2.” Apollo enabled director Dean DeBlois and cinematographer Roger Deakins to achieve a quality and scale in animation and lighting far above current animated feature films - with an efficiency never before achieved at DreamWorks Animation. Apollo consists of two key innovative applications, Premo and Torch. Both have been re-architected by DreamWorks Animation from the ground up, providing artists with intuitive, interactive performance that enables them to work in a naturalistic way.

Premo is animation software that enables animators to work at the speed of their their imagination. Through the application of real-time parallel character evaluation underneath an animator-conceived user interface, Premo allows artists to get back to drawing their characters and landscapes with digital pens and interactive displays, resembling the traditional way of drawing images with pencil and paper.

To wit, animators can now work with fully realized, high-fidelity characters, full backgrounds and sets - and can work with multiple characters at the same time. Animators can seamlessly switch between shots and characters without stopping to reconfigure their workspace, as well as make camera tweaks and edits without stopping animated playback. Torch is a lighting software that empowers individual artists to create a vast amount of imagery through the management of millions of files across 12 creative departments, among hundreds of artists, and from thousands of iterations.

Artists easily navigate those files with an intuitive graph interface and can ensure that the latest updates are brought into the right images at the right time. Using Torch, artists view lighting setups on film quality assets as they will appear in the film, without waiting for the computer to batch render the images. The result is more intricate lighting sequences that, prior to Torch, would have been impossible to create within an animated film.

Apollo has changed DreamWorks Animation’s entire approach to the production process. What was once a linear process of simplify-edit-view, is now a completely interactive, fluid creative interface. Apollo leverages the latest technology, including global cloud-based infrastructure, massively parallel processing, and new computer graphics algorithms to implement naturalistic workflows designed by artists. The result is a perfect blend of the latest technology, providing intuitive and immersive tools that allow artists to focus on creativity.

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2nd Edition Dnd Character Sheet. The unprecedented quality of animation and lighting in “How to Train Your Dragon 2” is clear evidence of the success of this platform. Credits: Clip edited by Josh Gladstone; end title music by Peter Deneff; titles, graphics and additional post production by David Derks. For more information on the Annie Awards visit.

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