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Emmegi Cnc Software

Hello, I haven't posted here yet, so I hope you don't mind me introducing myself by asking you some questions! I run a Quadra L1 CNC machine in our shop, and we are hoping to use Emmegi's proprietary Time-X software to simulate cut times, for estimation purposes- in order to help that department organize and assign labor costs pre-job. Does anyone have any experience with this software?

Uni_Link is one 3D software for all CNC machines in the door, window and curtain wall industry.

Is it going to yield accurate enough results to help in bidding jobs? Gigatech Usb Lan Card Driver here. Or is the data too generic to present relevant stats? Any evidence, anecdotal or otherwise, would be gratefully recieved! Thank you, and have a good weekend! Daniel Harvey.

I am going to go out on a limb and give my take on this. USUALLY, whether or not a CAM package can work with a specialized CNC machine depends on two things.

1)Does the machine have the ability to read in code from an outside source? 2)Can a CAM package convert tool path to said code (Post process). I have seen a few machines in my day that were not really meant to be programmed with an outside CAM system, but we were still able to get code to run the machine.

Two instances that come to mind are a machine that is specialized for cutting extrusions for window and door frames and one that is basically a CNC framing saw for cutting out big wood pieces. It all depends on the machines ability to read in 'code'. If you find that it can, then you just have to do the leg work to find a CAM system that can post that code. Most of the mid to high level CAM systems are pretty nimble when it comes to what code they put out. Sd Gundam G Generation World Iso English.