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Looking for the NAICS Code List? You can view our free online list here. For more information about what NAICS codes are, who they are produced by, used by, and a complete index listing and definitions for each code, see below. You can also purchase an interactive PDF of the online, or you can download a free index of the codes in excel format. About the NAICS Code List This class code list is produced by the North American Industry Classification System ( NAICS).

NAICS is the standard classification system used by Federal agencies for classifying businesses, for the purpose of analyzing and publishing data related to the U.S. Economic environment.

The NAICS codes come in the form of 2-6 digit codes. The two digit codes being broad in description, becoming more specific as digits increase, 6 being the most specific. This page contains the 6 Digit NAICS code list. For the other more broad digits, you can find those lists by clicking the bulleted links below.

List Of All Sic Codes

• • • • Free NAICS Download You can download this list of in excel format by clicking the image to the left. Learn about the North American Industry Classification System The slide show below is regarding the implementation of the NAICS system. If you are using the NAICS classification system, it is good to know exactly what it is and how it came about. Counter Strike 1.6 Portable No Install.

Review the slideshow below to gain a more comprehensive understanding of the system. View the Comprehensive index of NAICS Codes below. Hover the mouse cursor over the linked codes below to get a preview of the classification.

You can also click on the code to get the comprehensive definition, illustrative examples, cross reference guide, and much more. (Press Control + F to lookup a specific keyword or number) This page contains an exhaustive 6 digit NAICS code list, utilizing paginated tabs. Tab 1 contains NAICS codes that begin with “1,” Tab 2 contains NAICS codes that begin with “2,” and so forth.

On mobile devices, tabs are shown on the bottom of the page. SIC • 2-Digit Major Group • 3-Digit Industry Group • 4-Digit Industry As with SIC, the more narrow digits are more general, the codes with more digits are more specific. You can find your 6-digit code by starting with the 2-digit, and working your way through to the most applicable 6-digit code.

NAICS/SIC Coding Melissa offers products and services to provide NAICS and SIC codes for your business records, to better know your customers, prospects, and businesses. NAICS, or The North American Industry Classification System, is used to classify and measure businesses in the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

It is often used in conjunction with or instead of the Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) system. Both are economy-based codes used to determine the type of industry into which a business can be categorized. NAICS replaced SIC codes for the most part, due to additional technology-based classification needs as market trends shifted and the Internet grew, but many companies find SIC codes more than meet their needs. NAICS and SIC provide marketing and sales insight into individual business locations by organizing companies into industry-specific categories according to their primary line of business. By putting every business into sectors, subsectors, industry groups, and industries, these systems give you better access to know who you’re marketing to, their finances in income, and the target markets you want to reach. • Identify companies by business type to enhance marketing & sales efforts • Append NAICS & SIC codes to lists to hone in on customers most likely to respond to your products & services • Get to know businesses & prospects better with industry-based information in 20 sectors, 99 subsectors, 312 industry groups, & more. • Educational Services • Health Care and Social Assistance • Arts, Entertainment, and Recreation • Accommodation and Food Services • Other Services (except Public Administration) • Public Administration After identifying a main sector for the industry of a business, NAICS shows more in-depth information, including 99 subsectors, 312 industry groups, 713 industries, and 1,066 U.S.

The third digit in a NAICS code is the subsector, the fourth digit is the industry group level, the fifth digit is the international industry level, and the sixth digit is reserved for U.S.