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Fire Emblem Path Of The Blue Flame Jpn Iso 9000. The Asahi Shimbun. With the Rio de Janeiro Paralympics approaching, The Asahi Shimbun has begun a.

The Blue Flame Moonshine Book

So basically we created some sort of a group to model and rig some characters from Nintendo’s best tactical-RGP series: Fire Emblem, from the first game: Ankakou Ryu to Hikari no Tsurugi, Marth’s first adventure, to the latest one in the series: Fire Emblem: Awakening for the 3DS. We decided to move our progress to the model importing section so that this thread could get more attention. LATEST WIPS: -Ike [Lord] (Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance) ((-Chrom [Lord] (Fire Emblem: Awakening) Model by Demon_of_Elru, textures by Shun_One ((((((((- Ike [Vanguard] (Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn) ((((((- Ike [Hero] (Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn) ((Expressions. Normal ((- Half blink ((- Closed eyes ((- Open mouth ((- Damage face ((- Marth Einherjar [Lodestar] [Fire Emblem: Awakening] v3.0 [AWAKENING ENDGAME MINOR SPOILERS:].

New thread, eh? (extra swords will be deleted based on whether it's for his no-sheathe, Marth-sheathe, or back sheathe versions. I've said this before, but I won't rig the back sheathe to Marth's normal sheathe bone, as to avoid wierd animation hiccups, like having it go through his stomach and stuff x__x All the 'sheathed' swords will be rigged to the bone that controls the transparency of the sheathed hilt on Marth - The TsukaM, I believe. It isn't used for animating purposes, so it shouldn't mess up any animations, regardless if it's the side sheathe, or the other two positions. Whoa, that's a lot of images in the OP. Might be best to link to a general resource page for the Radiant Dawn models to save some space.

Anyway, like it says in the OP. I'm good with textures (and CSPs and such). That said, I had no idea someone was working on a custom Krom. As per usual, anyone needing texture assistance just give me a call and I'll help out. EDIT: Got Blender and Anim8tor.

Time to learn to work with models. EDIT2: Vert, I'm going to touch up those Spirit Marth textures a bit. Particularly the boots since they seem closest to the Brawl model.

Title: Re: Fire Emblem model importing thread Post by: Sanada on April 26, 2012, 04:52:18 AM. Shun, yeah, I might put the Radiant Dawn images in other thread an not in this one, there are too many models! Also not sure if you have seen it, but I added a download for Ranulf. And if you update the boot texture for Marth send it to me, I mapped the new boots to the original texture, so it's not edited. And Azai, Roy's chapter looks awesome!

The music adds a nice feeling to it. However I'm kinda dissapointed with his model. Will he be able to promote to hero (or even master lord!) again? Title: Re: Fire Emblem model importing thread Post by: Shun_One on April 26, 2012, 10:17:03 AM. So yea, Shun_One you were right about him being a generic Mercenary. He doesn't even look like from the art, well some is I guess. I was dissapointed with his model, but understand the way it's been done.

Roy can promote to Hero and class change to other things, but I'm not certain what they are (for reference, Marth can class change into every male class in the game). It does make finishing off Spirit Roy easier since we don't have to guess as much any more. We can add the cape and viola! He's a lord again.

Alm looks great, best redesign so far. It feels like the exact same character from the original game, unlike Roy. What were they thinking? Well, guess I don't have to say it.

Might attempt both of those characters in the near future, maybe Micaiah first because of the schmexyness. Also relevant, ripped 3rd tier Marcia, 2nd tier Soren and of course 2nd Tier Micaiah, I gotta upload them soon. Title: Re: Fire Emblem model importing thread Post by: Sanada on April 26, 2012, 03:15:57 PM.

@ vert092 It does doesn't it? I'm sure we all are disappointed wit the ingame model, but at least the art is badass. @Shun_one Your right, the cape is all thats missing and the ingame model would have been fine.

Anyhow, heh I remember playing Fire Emblem Gaiden.Alm looks awesome, for some reason why I'm getting this feeling he looks like some DBZ character in armor? Maybe it's the artist? Anyway, hey Vert092 do you happen to have Edward from Radiant Dawn? His first class is fine. Title: Re: Fire Emblem model importing thread Post by: Vert092 on April 26, 2012, 03:37:13 PM. Whoa, now you got me hyped about Leaf.

I really want to see how it's going, I bet he looks awesome. I haven't made much progress on Marth, I'm making a new mask and the falchion, with the help of Shun and his awesome textures. But the real thing of why I'm posting today it this one, look what arrived in my house today! ((Mist approves, of course. Title: Re: Fire Emblem model importing thread Post by: Shun_One on April 30, 2012, 09:28:30 AM.

Whoa.The original Mystery of the Emblem! That's super cool! To keep this post on topic, I've gotten a few more of Leaf's textures up to a viewable standard.

Classic Leaf will be pretty cool, I can tell you guys that. Last thing, with Alm and Micaiah releasing on the 2nd, place your bets for the next DLC. Seeing how I've noticed a pattern of sorts (1 pre-GBA, 1 post-GBA), here's my guess: 1st. Marth (FE1/3/11/12) 2nd. Leaf (FE5) Roy (FE6) 3rd. Alm (FE2) Micaiah (FE10) 4th.

Sigurd (FE4) Ephraim (FE8) As much as I want the next one to be Ike so I can get to work on his update, he'll probably get revealed on his own. Otherwise, Ike and Celice/Sigurd together? That'd be neat. Regardless, whomever we get, I may or may not jump at the chance to texture them (I probably will though) Eh? My rank went up?

Title: Re: Fire Emblem model importing thread Post by: Exorcist on April 30, 2012, 05:56:18 PM. Looks awesome! I'd go for somewhat darker colours, with more contrast. I'd also get rid of some textures that make him looks reminiscent of Brawl Marth, for example his shirt, his belts or his sword.

Model wise try to get rid of Marth's tunic 'golden borders', it's a pain to texture a model leaving that. I mean, just try to make it as short as posible so it can't be seen. I quickly made it so you can have an example: ((((Final Result: ((Also the shoulder armor looks a bit plain, so you might want to retouch it as well.

Title: Re: Fire Emblem model importing thread Post by: Shun_One on May 01, 2012, 08:36:39 AM. This is what shocks me the most. The fact that these characters can use weapons they are not supposed to be able to. It's really strange. And Elincia is not the only one unfortunately. There are other characters who have a class that don't really fit them too. It's more so due to the way classes have been tweaked than anything.

A few key classes from past games have lost and gained weapon types (Falcon Knights lost swords gained staffs, Light magic is no longer a type) so they kind of go with the class closest to the utility of what a character had me thinks. Anyway, I made some Brstrms from the new game. Should I upload them? Title: Re: Fire Emblem model importing thread Post by: Sanada on May 02, 2012, 10:57:38 AM. :srs: Is that seriously Elincia?!

Look, I understand that redesigning characters is fun, but I can't even tell who these people are anymore! EDIT: Looks like I'm confusing my green haired female Fire Emblem characters again! But still, my point kind of stands. I did what you said with the band Vert and I vertexed the sword so it looks much better: (Title: Re: Fire Emblem model importing thread Post by: Shun_One on May 02, 2012, 06:23:27 PM. More progress on Marth, he's almost done. I'm still trying to make the falchion, but it's very hard.

When I messed with Marth's original sword I made a pretty coool design that I might include in the final version. ((Also new feets, still going to retouch them a bit (including the textures).Also shortened the cape according to his in-game model, and retouched the hair a bit, so it's shorter and matches better Senri Kita's artwork. And I'm almost done with the mask.

((((((Title: Re: Fire Emblem model importing thread Post by: Shun_One on May 04, 2012, 08:54:07 AM. Suddenly realizes I can re-texture Marth's tunic to better reflect the art-work now. Before I had it done the way it was to account for the model I had, but seeing how that's no longer the case, I can smooth out the fabric, so to speak. You can do it if you want, here's my remapped texture file. ((Title: Re: Fire Emblem model importing thread Post by: Shun_One on May 07, 2012, 09:02:21 AM. I'll probably change my avatar to it for a bit. It also makes me laugh hysterically at my Celice Marth texture considering how different this looks from it.

In other news, how is every one coming along? I've been tinkering with Spirit Roy's textures on my end. Also, this may help Vert. Falchion in it's sheath. (Title: Re: Fire Emblem model importing thread Post by: Vert092 on May 17, 2012, 02:37:19 PM. Oh.that's a dude?

Well there have been worse gender confused cases in the Fire Emblem games *cough*LuciusFE7*cough* If you think Celice is bad, wait until you meet Libera. @Vert Yeah, I've seen a lot of folks saying his eyes look odd. I personally like the FE13 Swordmaster design, so it's natural that I'd like this.

Looking at it next to his old design provides a bit less of a. Comodo Antivirus Pro 2011 more. shock. I've done it for the past ones to and it certainly helps. Take your time and finish what you need to.

EDIT: So, today I learned Celice's official name translation is 'Serlis' and not 'Celice'. Title: Re: Fire Emblem model importing thread Post by: Vert092 on May 18, 2012, 08:13:07 AM. Official translations often suck in the earlier installments of the series. For example here in europe Navarre is called Navarl (original: Navarre), Draug is called Aindraug (original: Dohga), Dieck is Decke (original is Dieck), etc. Sometimes the whole thing is different and we get better translations than the united states, for example Caeda, Marth's wife is called Shiida here, a name much closer to the original, Sheeda. Title: Re: Fire Emblem model importing thread Post by: Shun_One on May 18, 2012, 10:33:03 AM. I'm pretty busy with finals so I don't have a lot of time to spend modelling right now, but since I'm almost done with marth I think I'll release him this week if I have time.

Here are the final pictures from now, tell me what can I improve and I'll release. This time I finished the waist belts and revised the cape (it could cause some trouble with the rig before), the boots and the body textures.

I might work on Roy's model like I did with marth next month, the redesign deserves it. ((((Title: Re: Fire Emblem model importing thread Post by: Sanada on May 26, 2012, 07:24:06 AM. Vert092, I thought I point some things out with the cape, everything else looks fine to me. (The cape is uneven. Look at side A/C then B/D. Side A/C looks better imo if you can match that to side B/D.

Notice the arrows near the top, Side A has it not touching that sleeve all the way, whereas Side B has the cape stretched as if it were lined up with the sleeve. Side C has the downwards part of the cape starting lower than how Side D currently has it at the middle. In short, Side B/D is stretched more than Side A/C.

If that can be fixed, that'll be wonderful as I do not see anything else that would require improvement. I'm loving the belt buckle, and the boots, this is going to be a great hack indeed.:) Title: Re: Fire Emblem model importing thread Post by: Shun_One on May 26, 2012, 09:09:10 AM. Been a while, but I may as well post something in this thread.

First off, progress: I have Spirit Marth recolors planned out, just waiting for the model to finish them off (IE. Actually make them) As for Roy, been studying his design and I should be able to get some pretty accurate textures now. Lastly, latest Spirit character was Eirika who comes with a new female only class.

Keep in mind, you can access normal versions of all the characters with classes as close to their normal ones as possible via SpotPass (and these are free). The DLC versions are different intentionally we've finally found out. Finally I'm releasing Marth!

I'm going to post a request for him to get rigged as well. (Final version includes fixed cape, eyes face, shortened arms.

Final Pictures: ((((Title: Re: Fire Emblem model importing thread - Marth Released! Post by: xxWutzMercyxx on June 08, 2012, 05:14:09 PM. As most of you already know, someone took up the Marth request. Aside from recolors, CSPs, and BPs, I can walk away from this project a happy man. What I started alone was finished with the help of some very talented hackers. Thanks a ton, you guys. Anyway, on to my next project.

Most of the textures I had started working on with Rain I've gone back and updated. There's still a lot to do though, so whenever someone takes on the hard part of modelling, let me know. Also, I am available to help out with textures, CSPs, BP,s even Stock Icons for anything in this thread. Just drop me a line. Title: Re: Fire Emblem model importing thread - Marth Released! Post by: Vert092 on June 12, 2012, 08:12:24 AM.

It was about time I started working on Lucina! Shun is currently revising the textures, and here I bring you some previews!

For tose who thought Marth was girly and femenine this will change your opinion: ((((((Title: Re: Fire Emblem model importing thread - Marth Released! Post by: Raikrom on June 14, 2012, 09:34:54 AM. Yes, I suppose so Shun, but after watching some gameplay vids for a while, I've noticed that Marth's Star-Lord and Lucina's Lord models seem to be pretty much identical, minus the heads of course, which would imply that they have the same outfits in their artwork images. But there's hardly any good quality videos at this point, or any other implications of such a thing, so I'm not completely certain.

Title: Re: Fire Emblem model importing thread - Marth Released! Post by: Wasabi_Skillz on June 18, 2012, 02:42:52 PM. ((((((anyone want to port her as well once I'm done? Title: Re: Fire Emblem model importing thread - Marth Released!

~ Working on Lucina Post by: Shun_One on June 20, 2012, 09:53:22 AM. She's getting there: ((((((The hair was a [censored] to remap and texture, but I like the result so far. I feel it needs a lot of work, but I really like how she's turning out. What do you think? Title: Re: Fire Emblem model importing thread - Marth Released! ~ Working on Lucina Post by: Shun_One on June 25, 2012, 09:07:48 AM. Well, I must say, that looks damned amazing.

Still, the Naga eye seems a little off to me somehow. Guess it just looks slightly too compressed height wise. I'm not sure, it could just be me being paranoid. Otherwise, it looks absolutely impressive, I'm amazed at how you got the hair to look, considering Marth's base hair and all. The face looks very nice as well.

And I'm really likin' dem boots too. Title: Re: Fire Emblem model importing thread - Marth Released! ~ Working on Lucina Post by: s0ul ca1ibur on June 25, 2012, 12:50:14 PM.

This may be a little off-topic but as you may know Nanobuds is doing a few requests and I decided to add Nolan from Radiant Dawn since I am an avid fire emblem player and not only is he one of the best characters in Radiant Dawn in my opinion, but me and him also share a first name:P anyway you should go down to Nanobuds thread and vote for Nolan if you want Nanobuds to do an epic import of him!! Title: Re: Fire Emblem model importing thread - Marth Released! ~ Working on Lucina Post by: Beyond on June 25, 2012, 12:56:50 PM. This picture is of him over Marth is to show off how I've implemented the model changer event. This model currently has all 3 sheathe variations on the same one.

I'll copy him later and delete the excess models. (The back sheathe model will sheathe the sword behind him, side sheathe will be the same as Marth's, and the no sheathe version will 'sheathe' a full copy of his sword's model behind him. No longer will Roy PSA's need to have him climb ladders or applaud with a sword in hand, or.Painstakingly translate it to the preferred location;_.Why am I getting Deja Vu from speaking about the sheathe.? Actually, it's my stab at the theoretical Brawl Roy that should've been.Ironically enough, it uses pieces from the Melee model, though. Eh heh heh heh ^_^' In my bizarrely worded compliment, that's actually what I meant. In hindsight, I probably should've said 'this will be the Brawl-styled Melee Roy to end them all' I need to eat food. My brain turns off when I am hungry EDIT: Also, a very clear picture of Lucina's eye just came out.

I'll update it tomorrow. Title: Re: Fire Emblem model importing thread - Marth Released! ~ Working on Lucina Post by: Raikrom on June 26, 2012, 12:07:51 AM. First, thanks to all for the compliments on Lucina! Second, Roy's looking great so far! Thany, I actually improved a couple of textures when I ported the brawl-ish texture to the melee model.

You should use them in the model: ((((((The cape collar fits the model properly right now. Also I noticed the eyes don't have reflections, I suppose you'll add them later? Also I'd like to ask you if after you finish this you'd like to work on the awakening version.

After I finish Lucina I'd like to try remodelling Roy like I did with Marth. Title: Re: Fire Emblem model importing thread - Marth Released! ~ Working on Lucina Post by: Raikrom on June 26, 2012, 12:00:03 PM. ([url]her eye with the mark in a sort of 'dormant' state.

I'll use the other one for a Final Smash eye Ah, I see, that's actually a great idea. It'd probably be cool to see a white glow for the mark on FS. Yet at the same time I also hope the mark is noticeable even when dormant. Either way, I'm really looking forward to that model. Man, I'm starting to get hyped up again. Title: Re: Fire Emblem model importing thread - Marth Released!

~ Working on Lucina Post by: Beyond on June 26, 2012, 01:46:47 PM. This picture is of him over Marth is to show off how I've implemented the model changer event. This model currently has all 3 sheathe variations on the same one. I'll copy him later and delete the excess models. ([url]The back sheathe model will sheathe the sword behind him, side sheathe will be the same as Marth's, and the no sheathe version will 'sheathe' a full copy of his sword's model behind him.

No longer will Roy PSA's need to have him climb ladders or applaud with a sword in hand, or.Painstakingly translate it to the preferred location;_.Why am I getting Deja Vu from speaking about the sheathe.? Like Rufure said, Nintendo better put these guys in SSB4.:srs: Masahiro Sakurai, smash bros. Creator made recently a poll in japan to see the preferred 20 characters to appear in SSB4.

He made more polls before melee and brawl, and usually the top-ranked characters made it in the final version of both games. However I still don't know why miku hatsune and that character from inazuma eleven are there. ((I'm highly surprised Ike still keeps his popularity. I think we'll see Chrom and Marth for sure, and probably Ike, since he's still very popular (he may get replaced by Chrom), Roy as DLC/costume/assist, and other characters as assist trophies. Title: Re: Fire Emblem model importing thread - Marth Released! ~ Working on Lucina Post by: Exorcist on June 28, 2012, 09:11:29 AM.

(Eleven is actually really popular in Japan from my understanding. It's kind of strange though, that guy isn't even a main character, and you would think the original series would get votes more than the sequel (Inazuma Eleven GO). I'm also suprised at how many KI:U characters there are.

Anyways where did you find that? I'm thinking of switching my news site, all they do is post crappy opinionated articles. Title: Re: Fire Emblem model importing thread - Marth Released!

~ Working on Lucina Post by: Raikrom on June 28, 2012, 09:16:36 AM. YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES. [/Fanboy] I would've said the same for Chrom, but I kinda expected him since FE:A's release. Whelp, I'm done. Title: Re: Fire Emblem model importing thread - Marth Released! ~ Working on Lucina Post by: Vert092 on June 28, 2012, 09:34:31 AM.

I'm thinking we'll get Marth, Ike, and Krom. Marth as he's Marth, Ike as a 'hard-hitting swordsman', Krom as some sort of hybrid between the two. If I could make a case for Roy, it'd be to add him as the only Flame Swordsman in the game. Sakurai's twitter should be getting pretty interesting in the coming months. Here's hoping for a random Nintendo Direct that shows some Smash footage. Title: Re: Fire Emblem model importing thread - Marth Released! ~ Working on Lucina Post by: Albafika on June 28, 2012, 11:02:06 AM.

Can't believe this Chrome ass had more points than Ike.:srs: Oh come on man, I don't mean to start any arguments, but I think Chrom may be higher up on the Badass-O-Meter than Ike, I mean he's a descendant of Marth, which makes him the Prince of Iris and that he wields the reforged Falchion, his character design is plain awesome, and he can learn Aether just like Ike. Also he has 4-5 potential wives. Title: Re: Fire Emblem model importing thread - Marth Released! ~ Working on Lucina Post by: Shun_One on June 28, 2012, 11:26:27 AM. I at least hope that some of the redesigns appear as trophies in SSB4.>I actually have no idea on what they will do with the trophies. In brawl they recycled stuff from the nintendo gamecube era (trophies are mostly direct ports of twilight princess, f-zero gx, metroid prime and echoes, starfox adventures, wind waker, pikmin.) Let's remember the wii-u version is on HD, wii/gamecube models will mostly look bad. They would have to remodel and retexture A LOT of models, like they did in melee.

I mean, they can reuse stuff from a few games that have high detailed models, like other M or punch out, but they will have to work a lot on custom models. Will we only see trophies in the 3ds version.? Brings the falchion from the future, disguises herself as Marth and she both fights against her own father and alongside him. Hell, I really want to know her story properly, can't wait for the game.

All the way on that one. Think I've said this before, but she's without a doubt my favorite character from Awakening. I'm not much of a weeaboo, but hell, I say she may be my waifu. I'm actually hoping that Lucina will at least be DLC over Marth in SSB4, like new model, voice and all that jazz. Also why I'm overjoyed you and Shun are making that Lucina model, like jeez, I'd say you're my heros right now. And yeah, I was overjoyed when Awakening was finally announced for NoA, still so much that I want to know that can only be found by playing the game for myself. Title: Re: Fire Emblem model importing thread - Marth Released!

~ Working on Lucina Post by: Vert092 on June 29, 2012, 06:58:23 AM. Talking about Lucina, have more progress: This is how she looks so far. ((Her hair was really messy, I fixed most of it. I also used new textures for her tiara, courtesy of Shun.

((This is how it looks from the back, getting this part right was hard as hell: ((Also finished her feet. I took the ones I made for Marth and reshaped the model. They have a more feminine shape right now. ((I also started the arms. The leatherish texture needs some work to better reflect the arms shape. I took stefan's arms and reshaped them using Mist's as a base, and the resul is nice. The gloves now use a modified version of Shun's textures and are reshaped as well.

((The most difficult part will be closing this gap I'm afraid. I'm sure it's going to give me a lot of trouble. ((Finally, I found a possible damage face for her: ((Title: Re: Fire Emblem model importing thread - Marth Released! ~ Working on Lucina Post by: Shun_One on June 29, 2012, 08:27:27 AM. I actually have no idea on what they will do with the trophies. In brawl they recycled stuff from the nintendo gamecube era (trophies are mostly direct ports of twilight princess, f-zero gx, metroid prime and echoes, starfox adventures, wind waker, pikmin.) Let's remember the wii-u version is on HD, wii/gamecube models will mostly look bad.

They would have to remodel and retexture A LOT of models, like they did in melee. I mean, they can reuse stuff from a few games that have high detailed models, like other M or punch out, but they will have to work a lot on custom models. Will we only see trophies in the 3ds version.? Well Nintendo did make some new models, such as Ashely from trace memory and so on. But it is interesting to think how the trophies will end up. Anyway I'm curious, is anyone working on a model of Chrom?

Title: Re: Fire Emblem model importing thread - Marth Released! ~ Working on Lucina Post by: Haseyo on June 29, 2012, 12:27:42 PM. Mia looks great so far! Nice weapon choice, alondite fits her trueblade model very well! I just finished a custom vague katti, if you want it just let me know and I'll upload it here. ((I even made a sheathe for it: ((And my reference picture: ((Title: Re: Fire Emblem model importing thread - Marth Released!

~ Working on Lucina Post by: Juice Box on July 02, 2012, 05:21:34 PM. I assume I could add it, if you want.

Anyways: (((Now I just need the extra mouths. And I'll be shortening her jacket so it doesn't clips through.

Title: Re: Fire Emblem model importing thread - Marth Released! ~ Working on Lucina Post by: ramonM64 on July 03, 2012, 01:56:53 PM.

Oh, before I forget: I'm only doing this because I get paid. JOE receives a transmission from. The one who consumes, the one who dared, the one who claims the death of the witch. They give him an offer.

His help, for a handsome reward. His help in an action that, strategically, seems to have no major downsides to him. His help, to kill a witch, as they would probably say. He checks his assets.

A decent post of his own, redirected as a selfbuff. The help of the consumer, focused and charged. His own, normal strength. The ouroboros knife, weapon of mind. Oh, and lets not forget: Time, time to animate and time to write. He accepts and another self drops from the sky 'hello other me!' 'Hello' 'come to do my dirty work for little reason?'

'of coral, for sharks, dolphinatly.' Other JOE looks around and notices a glowing indigo wisp, and recalls a paper airplane. Its by no means a guarantee, but its worth a shot at least. JOE walks towards the wisp, unsheathes the knife, and attempts to enter the wisp, pushing just his hand through first. If this succeeds, he looks over his shoulder and sees a slightly warped version of annis, beckoning them over to join him, and leaps through.

If it fails, he still sees them, but asks their help tearing open a path, then trys to enter. If still this fails, he hands them a duplicate of the knife and they both leap through or past the barriers protecting yukki-chan before both stabbing their knives into yukki's chests, entering the mindscape. This time, there is no army of dolls, as shadow roxxane has been defeated. However, just in case, JOE enters inside the middle section where everyone is, as opposed to the edges, and casts an 'anti army of dolls' spell. Have I mentioned that he HATES tickles in all variety? Well, he does, and that will certainly make him go above and beyond in this battle. The initiation.

If the animation did not properly display, go to this: details of note: the pink& green are the bodys that were mentioned in the storypost. The blue thing uses the color paint refers to as indigo, and represents the wisp. Roxxan is crying. The guy on the left is Tazz. The warped annis clone rips his mind-legs off with an ouroboros knife because their insane. More then usual, that is. Roxxanes red orb thing is blocked by a large bone.

The gold energy from annisclone is supposed to be godmodding. It is used to prevent Tazz from using thyme majyks and trap him. The thing on top that goes across is like, one of those things where theres a closeup of a character before they do a special move. Except it gets used to crush annisclone and obscure the possibility of tazz's survival. Also, this is is not done Will never be complete I understand it, the action that I was hired to preform is 'stab roxxane & tazz with the ouroboros knife, focus more on roxxane'. Since I don't have much to do in most other games, I have decided to focus on this for a while. I believe the purpose was they wish to kill or otherwise impede roxxane and tazz specifically, as opposed to damage yukki-chan.

Real world JOE discovers that someone is, apparently, using a 50 charge to stop him. As such, he decides also to not spend several more hours animating.

However, he does hand trickle a copy of the ouroboros knife. And then the above happens and I redirect the post entirely there is a decent chance that I will change what it is redirected to a second time before dop. [ALCHIMIES] [ PZ ] [Grail of Power && Luck of the Irish && Water Blessed by RNGesus && A Blank Card Blessed by Fate=Fate-Twister(Level 17)4/9] [A Study on Nihilism && Omega Symbol && Collection of Endings && Recordings of Deaths && An Old Torn Book=What Must Come(Level 20)4/11] [Red Sun Energy&& Hollow Magic Cue Ball && Fake Deudly Magnum && Green Sun Energy=Spiral Cannon(Level 25) 4/13] [ITEMS WITH CHARGES] [The Rise 41/50 Hits 3 entities with attacks of alive entities. Heals 3 entities for the damage of 1 of the attacks OR heals one entity for the combined damage of all attacks ][divided by 2.] [The Fall 41/50 Uses attacks of 3 dead entities.

Inflicts a 3 turn debuff 'Kamikaze' which causes an entity to inflict AoE damage on near by entities. Can't charge when enemies] [are debuffed.] [Each has a 5 turn charge.] [I use this turn to heal all ally entities, with Luck of the Irish and the Grail of Power. I also offer U0 a drink from the Grail of Power, as to help wash down all the entities she is eating.] Future Charge 1:[The Madness 0/50 Buffs 3 entities in same team. Gives buffed entities change to hit different entity to one selected that turn. Can't charge when entities are buffed.] Future Charge 2:The Story of All Civilizations 0/ 300-Wouldn't you like to know?

Warehouse 909 game night part 2.2/2 >Sukard: Scry randomly. You see six more views for a bit.

One in a theorist's base, one in a helicopter, one in a nice house, one in a studio, one deep in the snow, and one that's obfuscated. Okay, that's weird. ---- While stuck in Roxxyscape Game Night, he takes a bit of a look at Tumblr, and the first thing he sees is lots of shipping stuff, the DTG equivalent of sadstuck, and loads of memes. Once he dies in Smash, he throws his controller into the exit, expecting it to hit somebody. *But nobody came. ---- A strange recording plays on a terminal in a base in the middle of nowhere. 'This is the worst job on the planet.

What that fish guy didn't destroy, that demon definitely did.' Some guy with a controller that looks like it's for a toy helicopter rides his office chair over to the terminal.

'Hey, Creo, calm down, you didn't pick this job. You were drunk, and somehow entered that hellhole.' ---- The view is shifted to a shoddily-built tower, glowing purple. On top of it is an arcade machine, and on the floors below it look like places from various time periods, stacked on top of each other. There's even a convention. Like the Seven Fallen Cities, but upways.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the Time-Twitching Tower, of Kingdom of Loathing fame. Nothing prepared for now.--Leveling Systems-- (Mercenary) Abilities copied: None. (0/3) (Mercenary) Faction Coins: 0 AZ, 0 PZ, 0 N, 0 H (Soulmark) Abolitia: 0 kills.

Elgrivine: 0 kills. --Boosts-- +1 Mythic/Nemean Lion +1 Piono --Charges-- Mess With The Best: 2/50 Die Like The Rest: 22/50 (+3 bunch of guys) --Alchemies-- All of MS Paint Adventures on a flashdrive && All of MS Paint Fan Adventures on a flashdrive && All of Pesterchum's Emotes on a flashdrive && Backdoor Code Meme-Infused Flashdrive = MSPal: Hacker Edition (Level 16) (8/9) Exactly what it says on the tin. Truthsayer (KoL) && Byte (KoL) && Sword of Procedural Generation (KoL) && Meatcleaver (KoL) && Bloodbath (KoL) && Ginsu™ (KoL) && White Dragon Fang (KoL) && Spirit Weapon Tome && Almost Completely Depowered Bliss Copy && Partially Depowered Oblivion’s Guardian Copy && Blade of the Bass Knight = Blade of the Ridiculous Mindscaper (Level?) (2/?) A truly ridiculous sword, for a truly ridiculous swordsman. Tazz pls explain further.

(Just to make it easier, KoL means Kingdom of Loathing.) (Amethyst Flame && Jar of Cosmogone Ink && Small Embedded Computer && Mr. Negi Generation 3000’s Glove (Filthy Frank)) && 17-ball (KoL) Pair of Time Shades = Computerized Cosmogone Shades (Level 15) (4/8) Computerized Cosmogone Shades: Much can be said of the color of suns remembered and fungal growth, the color of the dream-world of Parabola. There could be a lot of clever words to describe it. I'll use this: Time is like a wheel, most fiery at the edges.

The wielder of this can travel through dream and reality, mind and matter, and see all there is to see with clarity beyond clarity-however harsh. Particuarily good at seeing through fogs of all sorts. Probably something else: 50/50 (+3 from UserZero) (Using this now.) Life Insurance: 17/30 (+1 from UserZero) +2 to Mirrorman Walker is very interested in two things. One of them, rather obviously, is Murakumo Mu's re-elevated levels of power.

The other thing he's interested in is the twist of fate. More specifically, the Discovering The Secrets Of Descendancy. He frowns, briefly pulling out a journal of sorts and scribbling some words down in it, then turning and walking over to UserZero. He briefly seems a bit repulsed by the fact that she's apparently still chewing entities that have already been chewed on for too much time, but ignores that. That's not why he walked over, after all. He wants to do something, and he somewhat needs to know if she'll let him do that something. MISS USERZERO.

I KIND OF GOT AN OPPORTUNITY TO DO A THING. SINCE YOU'RE A GODMODDER, I FEEL LIKE YOU CAN JUST DO SOME WEIRD BULL AND THEN KNOW EXACTLY WHAT I'M REFERRING TO BECAUSE REASONS, SO I'LL SKIP THE EXPLANATION. MORE TO THE POINT. ARE YOU OKAY WITH ME DOING THAT THING I'M REFERRING TO?' He waits for an answer, rocking back and forth on his feet slightly during the wait. At the same time, he sends a message off to. Somebody else, requesting they help by doing something.

__________________________________________________________ Blue flames appear on the battlefield. Some people might've already seen those flames before, back when the recording of this war was taking place on the MCF, and not the TCF. Truly, quite a long way back. One might even remember precisely who this person is if they focus really hard on the memory. Once the flames disperse, the man himself is standing there.

Blue hoodie, black hair, white skin, green eyes, yellow. Battery-like object.

You'll see who it is soon. He glances around the battlefield for a moment, then he vanishes in a puff of flame, reappearing over by Yuuki-Chan.

Might as well.' He proceeds to explode into blue flames again, which rapidly cover Yuuki-Chan's body. Then vanish without doing any apparent harm to the body.

It doesn't seem like he's gone anywhere else, though, as there's a lack of blue flames elsewhere on the battlefield. So what could he be up to?

What's he playing? Suddenly, in the middle of Yuuki-Chan's mindscape, a burst of blue flames appears.

So does the dark-haired man. He seems to be calmly taking a look at the situation at first, as if trying to identify what exactly is going on in there. A moment passes in silence. He smiles faintly and nods when he sees Roxxanne and Auth, and he also seems to POSSIBLY recognize Darkside.?

Those who have met a certain cyborg in a different timeline might note that the man has far more than just a passing resemblance to a certain Operative. Then, he begins speaking, and aside from a slight difference in general tone, he still sounds at least a little similar. 'So, hello there.

I thought I might drop by and see what's going on in here. Some of you look a little familiar. I've never been great with words. And, I'll admit, it gets a thousandfold times worse when I have to use words in a conversation to someone I knew. If you are who I think you are, do you even recognize me? I still look roughly the same in terms of body as I did back then, in a different mindscape.

But it's been so long on my end. And on top of that, I don't know where I've ended up on the timeline. For all I know, we might not have even met before.' There's a long pause. He takes a look around the mindscape again for a moment longer, then he gestures, causing a pulse of some form of energy to push out and around the nearby area.

A moment passes in silence. Now I feel comfortable with being in here. That'll delay the awakening of the main body for a while longer. Trust me, this is far more preferable than risking the alternative - namely, this body's mind instantly trying to eject me by force upon becoming conscious if it considers me to be a harmful intruder. It never ends well when that happens.

And, besides, I believe it might be more beneficial to all involved if a little more time is invested in making sure everyone has settled.' Slowly, his focus turns to Roxxanne. Well, mostly to her. He's still very wary of his surroundings, a few blue flames trickling up and down his body in case he might need to guard himself against attack. 'Now, onto business. Two main points I should address. Firstly, are you feeling alright over there?

Secondly, do you have any questions you might want me to answer? After all, my appearance here was not likely one that was expected, let alone anticipated by any means.' Chekhov's Gun: 7/50 I remember I can have 3 Alchemies, and make a third one, throwing a bunch of swords into the Alchemiter. Every one of those swords I threw in was legendary. Who woulda thunk it I plus 3 Ninja in return for him plus threeing me TriBlade (Mythril&&Adamantium&&Tobelstein)=???

TriLaser Lava Lamp=??? (Can't use assists to up Alchemies, redirecting assist) Callandor (Wheel of Time) && Lightsaber (Star Wars) && Excalibur (Soul Eater) && Sword of Truth (series of the same name) && Terra Blade (Terraria) && Falchion (Fire Emblem) && Magical Sword (Legend of Zelda) && Buster Blade (Final Fantasy 7) && Ultima (Final Fantasy) && Ragnell (Fire Emblem) && Heavens Gate (Epic Battle Fantasy) = Blade of Legends 1/?? (+3 from Ninjatwist). First of all Hezetor answers to Hezalyna. Hezetor: Glory has nothing to do with this, I have no idea how you could think about that, at the moment I'm concerned about your life rather than your glory. Then he stops, listening to the next sentences, he slowly processes the idea of him bending to her, after a few seconds he stops imagining horrible possibilities.

He slowly tilts his head down a bit, his mouth contorts, his browns eyes narrows, staring at Hezalyna's blue eyes. Bending to you? I thought I cured your madness, child, because I never kneel, to anyone, in any situation, ever. Ahh, how I love your lies. Hezetor: And if you are me, as you claim to be, you should know this perfectly. Anyway, after that he calms a bit, stopping that speech that ends with the one that listens being vaporized, as at the moment he cares for the life of Hezalyna, he thinks that he will just order her to retreat from the battlefield, when the moment comes, Hezetor is not the type to remain and fight to the death and Hezalyna should not be the type too. Hezetor is then confronted with the other problematic, thought that Hezalyna might soon increase her number.

I can't exactly leave her multiply and increase her numbers, can I? She is a mockery to my name, right? There is indeed something strange here. Lack of logic hurts.

Indeed it does and you still have to see what the velvet TV transmitted. About that, enjoy having all those eyes so you can perfectly see what it is broadcasting. Hezetor looks at the transmission, he sees his other self, defeated on the ground, his armor mostly destroyed, his cape burned, the look on his eyes, the the look of a complete defeat. How could it be? A defeat like that. He puts an hand over his forehead, both in desperation and to check if his crown-helm is still in its place.

What is going on here, how could he/I fail like that? What even is that 'Coronation'? Well, well, well, now your previous words really make sense, don't they? And wait to see what Virgilio has to tell you. Using a bit of his future vision, Hezetor sees what is going on with Throne II and as such he uses the Locket on Hezalyna. There is no much time, but regardless, Hezetor tries to gain informations from who could possibly be that manipulated the events in this way, who could possibly manipulate curses via paradoxes.

I wonder, who could. Hezetor takes a list of the people he met last week that could manipulate paradoxes like that, it has a single name on it 'the Red'. So let's say that he uses magical and technological means to comprehend where this informations were/are being broadcasted. He also adds a layer of anti-nuclear explosion barrier to Yuuki-chan. What do you know, so am I. I'm gonna try to somehow block this thread in the future so I never return to it on accident:apsm: If you actually want a spin-off where you can do whatever you want without getting [REDACTED] (heh, world play), check out the game I'm GMing, DTG: Terraria. The game is a fun take on the DTG universe, I'm trying to shape it to be akin to the golden age of DTG2, but this time - canon is dead and you can screw with it, leaving you with infinite possibilities.

Become a high-ranked godmodder! Exploit canon using its broken shards! Make Terraria an anime and be the protagonist! Yes, all of these cases are real and they're all, as you can tell, very fun.

Yes, I'm advertizing my own game and no, I'm not ashamed. ===Alchemy=== (Transcendence ((BOI)) && Void) Wire Coat Hanger = Death of Air (Level 10: 3/6) Plot Armor Caledfwlch = Cueball Armor (Level 10: 3/6) I preview Cueball Armor and Death of Air. ============= CHARGES EXPENDED: well 50/50 Is Over fills up instantly. Throne 2 also recieves healing.

All overheal is diverted to giving the throne minicrits/crits for this round on.y Entity Orders: Throne 2: Throne 2, in conjunction with the Booster Rings (as approved by ire), Thyme, and Good Eats, uses It's Over. Targeting everything. Click to expand. Do you feel it? It promised the blood of the fallen, but instead was given naught but void.

It's compensation for such a void was nothing, but words. It's absence is felt in the space between words. Oh, you may confuse it for another. But this was long before the name was even known. It is a bitterness that, despite being once forgotten, has returned.

Now, it will not be forgotten. It is time for you to pay up. The sky will scream, and the stars will shatter.

Such is fate. Action 1/2 Nuclear Canister Battle Tank: 19/20 Fist of Medusa: 9/30 I +Assist. Well, looks like the Shock Trooper's got a rebranding. Even better yet, it/she's on our side!

I take advantage of this fact and command the Shock Trooper/Misaka to use Rapid Fire on that group of Xylobones, one shot each! Let's hope we can get some Electrified going.

Also, the Nuclear Canister's almost complete- I can't wait! As for my own action, I surround Sakuya in a calming mist! This increases her sanity. Uber (Shielder's Salvation): 1/10 [IIIIIIIIII] Satiation: 20K/250K.

* Finishing a Charge (1 any token per 10 charge) * Dealing Damage (20,000 per token, Any) * Selling stuff (1 W token per 2 charge points) * Finishing a permanent alchemy (1 F token per 3 levels) * Finishing a consumable alchemy (1 S token per 3 levels) * Getting a Spoil of War (10 all) * Assisting Defeating a (non trivial) Enemy (1 all, +2 of choice) * RP With Another Player (+1 any, max 1/turn) Mikoto's Might (Can break Might mood with Mind for +30% damage. At the end of each turn, entities get a free action that cannot heal/damage/debuff/buff anything.) Conviction x1.

Attack his true HP. Unless you think he has too many defenses for that to be effective, in which case restart this flow chart but pretend his Fabric Strength is above 2. State at End of Turn: Mikoto: 25,000/120,000 HP. 140,000/140,000 True HP.

Concentration: 31/45. Rooms: Watsonian Glass Nightmare Guardians (24,000/24,000 HP)>Blazing Freudian Echoing Vitals Targeting Darkfire-Laced Shrine of the Dark (54,000/54,000 HP)>Vitals Targeting Darkfire Surge with a Subconscious Dark duct taped to it (31,000/31,000 HP)>Psychic Blazing Nightmare Guardians (25,500/25,500 HP)>Freudian Rogerian Hall of Hope (42,000/42,000 HP). Fabric Strength: 2/7 VULNERABLE NEXT TURN.

M-MURDER: III Gail: 20,000/40,000 HP. Wrath: 1 Gains 4 C and 2 N per turn baseline. Gain 1N if Gail ends the turn at full HP.

Gain +2C if Mikoto ends the turn at 100,000 or above. Current defenses: 66% for first attack, 56% for second, 47% for third, 38% for fourth onwards for non-debuffed attackers If the attacker has a debuff, 59% for first attack, 50% for second, 42% for third, 34% for fourth onwards. Sources: 3% (glass) + 8% (times however many attacks he's already taken. Nightmare guardians) + 6% (Watsonian) + ---->+ 7% * 1.3 (Subconscious Dark, 1 empty room. Boosted by Vitals Targeting) + 7% * 1.3 (Darkfire Lance.

Boosted by Vitals Targeting) + ---->+ 8% (times however many attacks he's already taken. Nightmare guardians) + 12% (Blazing) + ---->+ 2% (Rogerian) + 2% (times number of Sun parts, total of 10%) Purchased thingies: Subconscious Dark (part.

It's one of the things I added during the turn delay) Hall of Hope (part) Echoing Glyph Glyph of Focus (+1 C per turn, +5 maximum C) Nice chat with Richard/IC Stuff Rather than just saying 'no' all the time, let's make Black Timeline Talist say something more fitting. I'm so sorry. I failed you.

I failed everyone! You, Ethan, Inari, Mikoto. He was right, wasn't he? I never was worthy of this role. I was so arrogant to think I was. I'm so sorry.' Well, now that we have that out of the way, back to reality.

--------------------- Seeing Ender ignore him, the Veteran tries something else. And that thing is. An animation! This doesn't seem to work when it's in a spoiler, so.

Just have it here. 'Do I have your attention yet Ender? I just want to talk.' Action: ACTION FOCUSED CHECKBOX: [ X ] Gee, I think this IUPC thing sounds like a brilliant idea.

In fact, so brilliant that I spend my 50 post charge from the old PTOW charge to build a hospital for non-combatants and Unsung. I've been wanting to do that for a little while. This isn't an entity or anything. We can get Gail, Inari, and maybe IUPC folks to run it. I also apologize to Athena.

Alchemy and charges. Click to expand.(Star-Sailor Fish Oil && Hydrogen && Helium) Ornate Clay Sphere = StarFire Grenade 2/6 (level?? I'm intending to try and get a 1 use damage thing.) Regal Paper Lime Green Dye && (Dice && Gold && Four Leaf Clover) = Glyph of Luck 5/5 (level 8) DONE (White Queen piece (as in chess) && Black Knight piece) Clockwork machinery && Mirror = Glass Soldier 6/10 (level 20) Got +8. +1 to Toast, +1 to Cyano.

Anime Cure: 50/50 SPENT! PTOTW: 30/30 + 20 Also Spent! Charges: 5/50 Charges: 5/50. Standing atop a nearby hill, a new tower stood, shooting up into the air like a blooming flower. It is made of perfectly smooth and dyed stone, streaked and splotched with dark colors to highlight the extremely tall, eastward facing black tinted window. The inside is dark and spacious, most of the light not coming from the window, but instead the racks and walls covered faintly glowing runes, each slowly pulsating with their own unique color. The inside is floored with a black, slightly reflective stone, with some spots being polished to perfection so that when some of the runes happened to shine a similar color, the floor gave the impression of walking across the cosmos covered in glinting stars.

Where there aren't runes, the walls are lined with shelves containing various goods and items for sale, often placed so that they caught the light or gave off dancing shadows along the opposite wall. The shelves for items stretched high into the air until they reached the glass ceiling. Through the glass was a fountain that constantly swirled red colored and lit water, making it look like the surface of the sun, constantly in flux. The light in the entire building was constantly in motion, slightly swaying and shifting with each second.

Welcome, dear patron, to Amaryllis. People from DTG2 may recognize this kind of thing. Pretty major visual step up from the Alchemy Emporium, huh? Here, you can pay charge points for various items and services. Whenever you choose to spend on of your assists on this shop, you get 1$ to spend on items here, when they are available.

I will allow you to keep up to 15$ worth of credit here before you have to spend it on something, and if you have -10$ or less, I won’t let you buy anything else until that is paid off. If you’re a good customer, I’ll increase your credit score and let you store/spend more. Finances 101 with Talist.

Prices in this store are subject to change. Total Profit: 0$. Commission You can also request a commission from me. Just tell me what to make, and I’ll try to get it to you as soon as I can. The price by default is equal to the end result’s level. 50 Charge Loan (When available) Do you need extra firepower right now for some reason?

Well, if I have a charge almost ready, I’ll loan it out to you. The default cost is 55 assists.

So you get a 50 post charge now to do whatever you want with it, but you have to give me a total of 55 assists back. This charge still counts as my charge being used, so therefor you can combine it with a charge of your own to make a 100 post charge. In addition, if this is used for a 50 post entity, it might be slightly stronger than normal due to my leveling system.

(currently I have no buff to entities summoned) I am willing to negotiate the interest rate. Expect a higher interest rate if you want to do something I’d find morally objectionable, and if the opposite, expect a lower interest rate. I will give you a slightly lower interest rate if you’re willing to leave a security deposit of one of your alchemies with me.

I will give you the alchemy back once the loan is paid off. Don’t ask me how you’re buying these IC Because I want excuses to practice Blender, here are some offers! Note that for all of these, I don’t know when/if I’ll have time to work on them, so feel free to only pay me once I show you the result. For all of these, the price varies based on the complexity/difficulty of the job.

I've also managed to recruit Battlefury into this, so he might do modeling jobs. Character/Weapon Model: Default of 6$ (This model is untextured and un-animated. Adding a texture will cost extra, and adding an armature (making the model posable) will cost a little extra. I can send the completed result to you as a.stl or a.obj file. If you have access to a 3D printer, you can use the.stl file to print out a statue of the model. You need to have at least one good picture of the item in question, but more pictures from various angles are useful.

2$ discount if you happen to have an orthographic projection of the item in question.) 3D Animation: No default price because it depends on how much movement/complexity you want. Sadly, I can currently only offer animations using Minecraft styled characters and items because I’m can’t texture or rig custom models yet. If you want a specific scene, make it in Minecraft then send me the world file. I know how to do lighting, some texturing, movement, and simple physics such as cloth, wind, and impacts. If I don’t know how to do something, I’ll try to learn how. 2D Animation: Still no default price, but cheaper than 3D animation Send me 2D images and I can animate them. Or better yet, send me several images to splice together.

Although, please note. I'm no artist. So I'm only really good at making scenes, not actions. Think along the lines of Hearthstone golden cards. I can do things like that. I can also do some video effects, such as glitchy distortions for all the edge lords in the crowd today.

Words of emotional support: 0$ Current Promotion: Scribe’s Library Being a scribe, Gail is interested in collecting stories. If you tell her a story relating to your character/where your character comes from, then you can get a 2$ discount on any purchase, limit of one per customer. And it has to be a good, relevant story that would actually be interesting to read. I don't have much time, but what I will say is Auth's response to the IUPC. UA: Well, if you truly believe you have the ability, the resources for a peace-keeping force on such an enormous scale, I am fully behind your efforts to accomplish such a noble goal. Actually, I think I have more time.

Allow me an attemp the snatch Junko right out from under the noses of UserZero and the PZs. Auth looks sadly at Roxxanne. UA: Roxxanne, I can see that you have quite a lot of weight to bear upon yourself. I suspect that you may be the only one able to carry your traumas specifically, but you aren't the only one with a history laced with sadness and despair. If you'll listen to my tale, for just a little while, maybe you'll feel better?

On the assumption Roxxanne will listen, back on the battlefield, the Ink Spectres reform into an enormous stage. There is one seat there, and Miss Junko Enoshima, one half of the Despair Sisters, leader of the Ultimate Despair, and sister to Mukuro Ikusaba is dragged into it and sealed. A similar setup appears in the Yuuki-Scape, minus the seat. It's also much smaller. Upon the stage outside is an Ink Spectre, coloured exactly like Auth, with a Violin prepared.

Inside the Mindscape, Auth also has a violin ready to go. He picks up the bow, and plays a for a bit. It's spectacular, pristine, and surprisingly melancholy. It's almost as if the part of a song he's chosen to play is setting the mood.

UA: I'm sorry, Miss Enoshima, but would you mind staying there a while? I have a tale that features a great deal of Despair. I think you might enjoy that, so sit tight. I'll be ready soon. Anyone else who wishes to hear my story, feel free to take a seat! Soon, he stands up, kicking the stool away, he begins to play. On both stages, Auth can be heard.

His music is somber and melancholy. It's beautiful, perfectly played, but this story must be close and deeply painful to Auth, or else he wouldn't be able,to give it the right musical accompaniment. UA: I wish to tell a story. I'm not going to lie, it's fairly depressing, at least at first. It stars a boy, and his name is Peter.

Peter was born into the high life, his parents lived in a manor, they had money, and they seemed happy, at least, at first. A tall girl with blonde hair, tied neatly into two pigtails appears on both stages. The only difference between the Yuukiscape stage and the Battlefield stage is where Auth is. She has a shimmering, blue dress, as if it's forged of liquid sapphire, and shining, silver, half-moon glasses. She's got startling crimson eyes, and a charming smile. UA: Peter never really got out of the house much.

He didn't need to, he was but a young child. Why would he need to? He was not, however, lonely. Oh, how he loved his family. His family meant the world to him. More than anyone else, his beloved twin sister, Alicia. If his family meant the world to him, Alicia meant the universe.

She was his partner in crime, his best friend and the closest person to him in his life. He loved her.

She loved him too. An Auth appears on the Yuukiscape Stage, and Alicia and Auth hug. They truly appear to be the epitome of siblings who get along. Behind them appears a tall lady, wearing a long black dress and the most extraordinary red hat. With eyes and teeth, yet it looks natural. Beyond it, wavy brunette hair, reaching down to her knees.

She has a kind smile upon her face, and eyes as red as rubies. She looks paler than Auth somehow, in fact, one would think she was a Vampire. UA: His mother, Catherine, she was kind and gentle. She desperately did her best to ensure that her children were happy, for their happiness was what created her own.

For the longest time, she claimed she heeded from a long line of vampires (but she had renounced blood), but nobody believed her for just as long as she said it. Next to the woman in the black dress appears a man, just as tall. He has very messy black hair, and startling blue eyes, under glittering gold glasses upon his face. He has a button-up suit thing with a high collar, almost like a uniform, and a confident, almost scheming smile upon his face. His arm is wrapped around the waist of the woman in black. He almost looks like a total loser from an anime.

You know the one. Er, Kawaguma? Misogi Kumagawa, that was it! UA: Finally, their father, Alister.

He worked, long and hard, to provide for his family. He's a classic success story, started at the bottom and worked his way up. He worked miracles through medicine and science. He was kind and merciful.

He imposed Peter and Alicia with their steadfast morals. He was long-sighted, both literally and metaphorically.

Auth sighs deeply and heavily. The sadness can be heard in his voice. UA: So what could ever go wrong here, right? They were happy together for five years, and then. Alister came down wth a terminal disease. What is was escapes my memory now, but at the stage it was?

Alister had weeks to live, at most. Of course, Alister set to work finding a cure. The prognosis got worse, and worse, and worse. Until, one day, late one July, literal minutes before doctors expected Alister's heart to give way.

They found it. The spectres on the stage live happily, until eventually the Alister Spectre ends up in a hospital bed. Flowers, get well cards, gifts sent by well-wishers, many, many, well wishers. Then, testing, checking, sampling, doctors running around like bees working on synthesising the cure. Alister's family visits, and fairly often. Sometimes, Alister coughs up blood. He looks sick, terrible.

Then a doctor comes in, and gives Alister a syrup. He looks a lot better almost immediately. This is good. UA: When he was well enough to speak again, he addressed the public about it. He was expected to.

He told them, he told them that yes, he had nearly died to a disease, and yes, this disease was incurable until recently. He explained that they were trying to find a cost effective way to manufacture the cure, and there was mostly celebration. The scene changes to Alister at a podium, making a speech to a large crowd. Most of the people are happy, cheering and such, but there are some people whispering and shaking their fists in the back. As though they were angry at something, someone for some reason. UA: Not everyone was happy, though. There were some very unhappy, actually, some very angry people.

Angry that it wasn't ready now, that the cure wasn't immediately prepared for public deployment. So, they started trying to get back at Alister.

By attacking his family, specifically, his wife. It refocuses to the main room of their home, the family's. Catherine sits, reading the newspaper. She bears a disgusted look upon her face, as if questioning 'Who are these freaks accusing me of being a vampire?

Where did they get that information? Or are they just saying it in an attempt to be slanderous?' A very complicated message from one look of disgust. She sighs, putting the newspaper down and burying her face in her arms. 'Champions of the 99%', they called themselves, they wanted Alister dead, or his wealth redistributed or something, they wanted him and his family in ruins, for sure. Soon, their numbers started to grow, and grow, from a group of four, to twelve, to sixty, to six hundred. Soon, they had a good sized battalion at their command.

They reached their peak in mid-August. So, let us focus on one day in late August, the day everything really changed. The scene doesn't change much, but the characters in it do. Alicia has placed herself upon a tower of boxes, and she's wearing the outfit of a princess. She is standing at the top of a huge tower of boxes, waving towards Auth trying to get him to look at her. Auth is sitting on a couch, happing eating a small bowl of cherries (his favourite food). TA: Onii-chan!

Look up here! Alicia calls from the top of the tower. UA: A-Alicia! Come down, quickly, it's dangerous up there, look at how unstable it is, it can barely carry your weight! It's fine, I'll be fine, look! But sure, I'll come down just for my big brother! A loud knock rings out on the door in the back of the stage.

Alicia, back on the ground, shouts out in surprise, and leaps behind her brother. Auth gives a smug look. UA: Are you sure that you wouldn't have fallen after a knock like that, given how far back you jumped? He says, patting his sister on the head.

TA: You're right as always, big brother. I think I may have jumped off the towe- Another knock, louder this time. Alicia darts over to the window, standing on the tips of her toes to try and see who's there. Auth, meanwhile, attempts to open the door, only barely managing to reach a doorknob. But when he does, the door flies open, and it slams into Auth's face. Two people, giants compared to the child Auth and Alicia, stand in the doorway, having kicked the door in. The first, a woman, directs her gaze towards Auth and Alicia.

'So, these are the bastard's kids. The dhampirs.'

Do you reckon they bleed like the rest of us?' Auth is alarmed at that statement, and while one of them aims a crossbow with a stake loaded in it at Alicia, Auth dashes infront of his sister. UA: I may not know who you are, or what you're doing here, but mark my words!

Nobody, and I mean nobody, hurts my little sister! Of course not.' A scare chord, and Auth falls to his knees. Piercing his left elbow, all the way through, is a stake. One that a person would use to slay a vampire, by piercing its heart. Auth watches, as dark burgundy blood leaks from it- wait, isn't blood red?

Not the purply-red of Burgundy? Anyway, his eyes widen, and he stares at the wound.

Then he gets back up, slowly. Do I toy with him? Or do I just put him out of his misery?'

'Make up your mind, you-' He fires at Auth again, piercing his other elbow. Auth shouts out in pain, but remains standing, determined to protect his sister. UA: (Alicia, go!) uA: Is that all you've. Take more than that! Auth looks on as Alicia nods and starts to run, but she doesn't get far before the woman nails her in the leg with a bolt.

Auth looks on in shock, as Alicia screams in pain, before Auth runs towards her, covering her with his body. He nearly trips over as Alicia's purple-ish blood leaks all over the floor. He's put his life on the line for his sister. What's the bet I can kill the pieces of trash right now with one bolt?' 'Twenty quid says you can't do it, not with that trashy-' A door to the side opens, and Catherine emerges.

She looks at the man and the woman in her hall, and her children bleeding, on the floor, with stakes inside their limbs. TerrorCountess: You have. What you are doing. And why my children are bleeding on the floor.

Before I kill you. 'There she is!' 'Catherine G-' She appears on the other side of them, almost as if she teleported over. Her fingers have turned into claws, and those claws have wrapped around the intruder's necks. TC: How many? TC: How many more. 'O-one thousand, three hundred and forty-nine!'

TC: Oh, so not too many then. Au revior, mon ennemi. I shall see you in Hell someday. Red light envelops the stages, as though the special effects guy doesn't want this being shown to ANYONE, let alone children.

It is exactly two seconds before the light subsides, revealing a scene outside. It's a driveway, with a nice fountain, beautifully growing trees, a clear, blue sky, and absolutely no corpses. This scene, of what the front of Peter's house USED to look like, quickly falls away. Corpses litter the ground. Blood has stained the water, fire burns among the trees, a good portion of the house is crumbling away. Catherine herself is perched atop the fountain, blood red skin, pitch black hair and sclera, pin- red eyes upon them.

A strange, black liquid leaks from them, further staining the water. Catherine returns to the house, staring at her children, her complexion and hair returning to normal, just as Alister arrives in his car. He gets out of it, with his eyes closed. AlchemicalCreator: Oh good God, today was a stressful day. Catherine, I'm. He opens his eyes, examining the scene of carnage around him. Men and women littering the ground, carrying weapons and armour bearing the sign of the Cross.

It seems as though there was a small army here recently, but they were not only defeated, but completely annihilated. AC: What in the Lord's name happened here!? Why are there- tC: Alister, call an ambulance. Before our children bleed out! AC: But what about- tC: I'll explain later! Now get an ambulance!

The scene melts away, leaving Auth alone on stage. He stands up, or in the Yuukiscape, he just continues speaking. UA: And so, to conclude our first act, Peter and his sister were carted off to hospital. It was already too late for the 1,349 unfortunate people who tried to assault Peter's family. It seemed to medical practitioners, that not only had their bodies been seriously maimed, but when they performed an autopsy upon one of the bodies, it felt like something greater had been completely destroyed.

Our second act. UA: Involves the beginning of Peter's experiences with loss. Great, unrivaled, repeated loss. You see, after the events of our last act, Alister never really got over that it. Time passed, Peter and Alicia healed. But every time.

Every time he looked at those scars. He couldn't help but remind himself of what caused them. He blamed himself, that he wasn't around, that he had gotten better. There were a multitude of irrational things he blamed himself for around the incident.

He fell into despair. The strain he imposed upon himself, nobody could stand up to that. He was so hard on himself.

UA: And it culminated, late in January the next year. It reached breaking point.

Catherine had taken Peter and Alicia down to the shops to buy groceries (and ice-cream, at the vehement request of Alicia), Alister was left alone, needing to take care of some 'extremely important paperwork'. It would be easier to just watch, wouldn't it? Auth looks like he's actively suppressing sobs from the audience. He's saving the crying for the theatrics. The stage focuses on Alister, sitting at a desk in a large room. There's a lit fireplace with a grate in front of it, and there is one large piece of paper upon it.

Alister picks up the stack of paper, allowing part of the title to be seen. In bright, red ink. [color=FF0000]PACT WITH THE DEM-[/color] Auth sighs, as does the Spectre of Alister. He thinks for a while, before tossing the parchment upon the flames, stapled together, so that they don't split. TC: As I recall, that was what she said. How to get the completed contract to her. [/B] /wip Action Summary: Auth tries to woo Junko over to the AZ side with his tale.

He also tells the tale to Roxxanne, in a strange attempt to comfort her. Action 2/2 Nuclear Canister Battle Tank: 20/20 COMPLETE! Fist of Medusa: 9/30 It's finally here! I produce a bugle from my pocket and sound it off in a series of short, sharp blasts.

I hear the roar of an engine behind me, and look back! Soon enough, I notice the Nuclear Canister Battle Tank steamrolling to my aid!

The lumbering wall of stone and armor slows to a crawl and readies its weapons. Nuclear Canister Battle Tank Faction: Anti-Zero [AZ] HP: 100,000/100,000 Armaments: Fission Cannon: Turret-mounted, this weapon deals 10000 damage to a single target. It functions identically to the Nuclear Throne (page 166 of the old thread)’s Nuclear Fission attack, only firing once. It has a 2/3 chance to deal 4000 splash damage to a surrounding entity of the target’s faction, which it can do again up to 7 times on a success.

Heavy Assault Rifle: x2, Sponson mounted. These fire 3 shots of 3000 damage each (for a total of 9000 damage) to a single target, and can attack twice for both sponsons. Passives Vehicular Autonomy: This weapon can fire both its Armaments in the same turn. Hull Points: At suffering half damage, this vehicle takes a Vehicle Damage test on a D4. The Fission Cannon can only inflict splash damage, and the Heavy Assault Rifles suffer a 40% miss chance for each of its 3 shots for the next turn. Same as Crew Shaken. All incoming attacks have their miss chances reduced to 0, regardless of other modifiers, for the next turn.

4: Weapon Destroyed. One of the tank’s weapons, selected at random, is rendered unusable for the rest of the tank’s life (selected from Fission Cannon, Heavy Assault Rifle Sponson 1, and Heavy Assault Rifle Sponson 2). Explodes!: Upon being destroyed with sufficient overkill damage, this vehicle will explode, damaging 1-3 friendly entities and 1-3 enemy entities. Both are confirmed in the same roll. Uber (Shielder's Salvation): 1/10 [IIIIIIIIII ] Satiation: 20K/250K.