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UBERDATA Honda Hacking & Tuning Honda ECU Hacking & Editing Windows Program UBERDATA Intro Uberdata is basically a FREE piece of software that enables you to modify your Honda ECU's code using a Windows-based program. All of the fuel and timing maps in your ECU are stored in a ROM chip (Read Only Memory). Uberdata allows you to program your own ROM chip with custom maps.

In order to do this, you need an OBD1 vehicle, and a 'chipped' ECU. This page will explain how to chip your ECU as well as the basic process of burning a ROM chip. For more information on Uberdata, visit the official site.

There is also a message board there to search for questions that have already been asked and answered by others. For more (a lot more) info on modifying Honda ECU's in general, visit. ECU Chipping In order to use Uberdata, you need to add a few additional components to the original Honda ECU.

Our Introduction to Honda / Acura ECU Tuning. There is just no datalogging with this software so I don’t consider it a complete tuning software or nearly worth. Downloadable Crome Tuning Software. For use with OBD1 civic/ integra ECU's only. NOTE: Due to the various software problems within Crome, we have provided the newest version along with older versions below so that you can try each to find which works best for your specific laptop/operating system: Crome 1.4.5. Feb 22, 2008. So at the end of this year Aug-Dec I will be expected to finish a major project, that is a complete & working solution. When I started thinking about it, I came to the idea that I can write a program that will help with tuning / flashing an ecu, or even real time engine monitor / on the fly tuning. If I could get input.

Honda Ecu Tuning Software

It requires some soldering skills and should not be attempted unless you have soldered before. (Chances are you know someone with soldering skills that could help you). Here is a picture of the P28 ECU that I chipped, before any of the parts were put in: Before you can solder the parts in, you will need to de-solder the holes in the circuit board since they come filled with solder from the factory. You can buy a 'solder sucker' to do the job, however unless you get a nice one (expensive) they don't really work well in my opinion. The cheap and easy solution is to buy some solder braid. It's just braided copper.

Simply place it over the hole to be de-soldered, and place the soldering iron on top of the braid. It will then wick up the solder into the braid. It's available at radioshack: You'll want to use a decent quality soldering iron to get the job done nicely. Html To Exe Converter there. The important thing is to not use too much heat, and also make sure the iron has a fine tip on it. I'm using a standard Weller iron: Here is what it should look like after the board has been de-soldered: The parts that need to be added are boxed in with a dashed white line. The parts consist of (2).1uF ceramic capacitors, (1) 1k resistor, (1) wire jumper (simply a piece of wire.I used a lead of the resistor), (1) 74HC373 chip, and (1) 29C256 chip (thats the EPROM). The resistor and capacitors have no polarity, so you don't have to worry about installing them backwards.

The 74HC373 chip does have a polarity. Pin 1 will be on the left side of the pic (you'll see in detail later one).

The same is true for the EPROM chip. Since it would be impossible to burn a chip and have the tune be perfect, it becomes obvious that you don't want to solder the chip in. Instead, use a socket so that it can be removed. You have two options: for less than $1, you can get a standard DIP socket. The problem is these are very hard to insert and remove the chips since there are 28 pins (it requires a lot of force and is hard to grip the chip). Your second option would be a ZIF (Zero Insertion Force) socket, which costs less than $10.

It is a socket that has a lever: pull up the lever, set the chip in/lift it out, and flip the lever back - VERY nice to have since you'll be doing this many times while tuning. Be careful when ordering the ZIF socket, as many of them are too large to fit on the board without running into things. The first ZIF I bought was made by Aries, and it was a very quality piece, however, it was too large and bulky to fit without a lot of modification to other components on the board. I ended up ordering a different one that was much more compact. I am unaware of the brand, however it is blue and is referred to as a low-profile ZIF. The only problem was that the lever end of it was in the way of the 74HC373. The easy solution is to buy a standard DIP socket as mentioned above.

Solder this onto the board. Then, stack the ZIF onto this socket, which raises the ZIF away from the board enough to clear the surrounding parts.

This setup worked very well for me. The following picture shows the too-big-to-fit ZIF in the back-left, the low-profile ZIF in the front left, and the DIP socket on the right: The ZIF socket stacked on the DIP socket for added height: And finally, a couple of pics with all of the parts installed: I ordered most of my parts from except for the low-profile ZIF socket and DIP socket, which I obtained from.

The following table containse the exact part numbers that I ordered. You'll notice that I ordered two EPROMS. This way, it will be easier to burn one while the other is installed. Part Number Quantity Description Source 29C256-12PC 2 This is the chip that you burn with Uberdata JDR 74HC373 1 The other chip that is reqired JDR R1.0K 1 1K resistor JDR.1UF 2.1uF capacitors JDR 102744 1 Low profile ZIF Socket Jameco 40336 1 28 Pin DIP socket Jameco Additionally, I have recently located all of the parts you will need from one source.

Is where you can find them. Their inventory selection can be overwhelming, so here are the part numbers you will want: Part Number Quantity Description AT29C256-70PC-ND 2 This is the chip that you burn with Uberdata MM74HC373N-ND 1 The other chip that is reqired 1.0KEBK-ND 1 1K resistor 399-2127-ND 2. Boron And Boulpaep Medical Physiology Pdf Free on this page. 1uF capacitors A347-ND 1 Low profile ZIF Socket AE7228-ND 1 28 Pin DIP socket And for a final update to this page, You can find ALL of the necessary chipping parts.

It is a great deal, and you're guaranteed to get the correct parts the first time around. It's under the name of 'UBER1 UberData Modification Kit'.

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