Insignia Dvd Software Update

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I purchased a blu-ray player from Insignia (aka Best Buy's in-house producer) in 2008 for around $100 with the expectation that it would last for longer than a year. Kenwood Ts-790 Service Manual more. I was mistaken.

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About a month after I purchased the BDLIVE01, I began to notice some movies were unable to play on the device. In 2009, they provided a firmware update for the player, as it was evident that the enclosed firmware would not allow for proper playback of blu-ray discs. I rent a large number of movies from Redbox, etc, and it has now become evident that the blu-ray player is currently unable to play any of today's blu-ray discs. Insignia is now unwilling to provide any firmware updates, not even the 2009 update. In a copy/paste'd statement from an Insignia customer service rep, it was conveyed that: '.your player may not be able to play some current titles or future releases that use new encoding methods.' And 'Believe me when I tell you that this is as frustrating to us as it is for you, since it is a change out of our hands, but keep in mind that the player will still continue.[to play] DVD discs, music CDs.

And those blu-ray titles that can be decoded with the firmware already loaded into the player. ' Although blu-ray technology may have introduced some new encoding methods over the past 5 years, it is rather hard to believe the device I purchased was able to update its firmware a year after I purchased it, yet it is now unable to update its firmware at all now. The company's unwillingness to provide any firmware updates, as well as its numerous, vague comments as to why this is the case has led me to believe this is really about the money. They are unwilling to provide any these updates as they want consumers to purchase the device over again, if not from them, at least from their parent company, Best Buy. I am now reluctant to purchase anything from a company this greedy and would also urge others to thing twice before purchasing anything from Insignia and expect it to last longer than a month. Personally, I'm shocked that Best Buy would support such a tactic and see a future not unlike Circuit City or Mickey Wards if they continue this path.

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