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20th, 2007 at 8:16. I have the Sims 2 Deluxe as opposed to Core and Nightlife so maybe the Nightlife. I have to run clean installer pretty.

Sims 2 Ultimate Collection

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A couple of days ago I loaded up TS2UC. It's the first time I've played in almost 10 years and I'm so excited at how well it works! But I have a couple of questions: 1. Is there a way to tilt the camera up and down? I've tried ctrl+up/down but it doesn't do anything. I didn't realize how much I use the tilt feature. What are your favorite mods?

I know I had Insim, but I had tons of them and can't remember. Reading some discussions on here it sounds like there are some really neat mods. The computer I last played TS2 on was 3 computers ago so I have no way to access my old folders. Welcome back to the game. I use the middle wheel on my mouse.

Just hold it down and move the mouse up or down. Oh man.there are a lot of great mods out there, and more coming all the time.

Some must haves, that can save your game. Bo's no sim loaded. This fries all the useless tokens in the neighborhood. This can help stop game bloat, and game corruption. I would post a link but the forum seems to hate the site it is on now.

Never did before, but now it just gets plummed out. You can google it though.

It is on Leefish. I actually have a ton of Bo's mods. You should take a look at them and see what tickles your fancy. Cyjons ghost hack mod I only have the critical fix, there are other parts of the mod you can either keep or delete, depending on your playstyle. More awesome then you has several mods made by Pescado like Creature fix, no corrupted death memory, no unlinkage on urnstone delete They have a ton of other mods too. I have quite a few.

I would post links but at this moment the site is down. Noke's shadow fix gets rid of the black square under sims, and allows you to have shadows how you like. Simbology has all sorts of mods that are great. I have several. Pediatric Echo Report Template. Just random favorites. Bo's unlimited sims Allows a larger household. Again can't post the link.>Twojeffs triplets and quads kind of self explanatory.

Nopke's sky fix This allows the stars and moons that were always available in the game to be seen, after for some reason maxis decided to build a wall around lots to block them out. Nopk's new face sliders for CAS Mog hughson desk locator Has kids put there homework down in a specific spot of your choice.

There really are a ton, if you are looking for anything specific just ask! I would suggest browsing the sites I posted and Mod the sims. See what fits your fancy. I'm mostly looking for mods that enhance gameplay in a significant way. I know that sounds broad. I liked all the controls insimenator offered back in the day. And I saw a romance mod Jules mentioned in a different post.

I think it added autonomous romance options. That interested me a lot. Mods that give me more control as well as add autonomous interactions for when I want to sit back. There's a neat UI mod I saw on a post on here that I've thought about installing as well. I probably won't install that. I mean, I wouldn't mind skins and some hair, but I'm really enjoying how quickly my game loads without any of it lol. And I can deal with my funny looking sims.

You are welcome. Insimenator is still available for download.

Can't link to it though it is against the rules. Romance one wasn't mine, but I do know which you are talking about. That is available on Simbology. Hmm that is still pretty broad LOL! You should check out Gummilutt's mods at MTS. He/she has quite a few good mods for interactions. Including enabling hidden actions to be done whenever you want.

IE: sliding down the banister, napping in the chair, ect. I can also recommend the Simblender. It has a ton of options on it.

I only really use it to reroll a Lifetime want, but it does much more. Also the college adjuster, and I also have most of the mods on the same page for college things. Squinge has made mods to block any autonomous behavior you may not want.long list of stuff to choose from. Simlogical has a few mods that deal with relationships. Again if you need something specific let us know! I have a hard time thinking of things in broad general terms.

Yes there is a mod for almost anything out there. If you can think of it, most likely a modder did too. If it is at all possible someone did it. One word of warning.

When downloading any mods made by Pescado from More Awesome Then You, other then the fixes I linked in the first post, you may get more then you wanted. I have heard from a lot of people that he likes to add things into the download that changes game play and not list them. That's why most people only use his critical fixes for the game.

There are other versions of most of his mods made by someone else, that doesn't add in extra stuff you don't want. Oh and the site is up again so here's a link just in case you couldn't find one. Good luck on your search! Yes there is a mod for almost anything out there. If you can think of it, most likely a modder did too. If it is at all possible someone did it.

One word of warning. When downloading any mods made by Pescado from More Awesome Then You, other then the fixes I linked in the first post, you may get more then you wanted.

I have heard from a lot of people that he likes to add things into the download that changes game play and not list them. That's why most people only use his critical fixes for the game.

There are other versions of most of his mods made by someone else, that doesn't add in extra stuff you don't want. Oh and the site is up again so here's a link just in case you couldn't find one. Good luck on your search! I agree with this. Mostly from my experience trying to download his mods from the archive. None of them come with descriptions and it's so hard to even find out what most of them do through google. It's like he doesn't even want anyone to have his mods lol.

Just a little word of caution concerning Squinge's mods on the inseminator link as I have found 2-3 lately either not working in my game or have caused me a problem however I still use a few of his mods and can give you a list of the ones I am using that don't cause any problem in my game. Like I also have most of Cyjons and the simblender I am using (as I think there are 2 versions that sound familiar) I have used the from the first moment I got my hands on UC is the one on the following link by twojeffs. I place the plant object/version in every home and community lot to control motives especially as nightclub visitors can be so stinky lol but it does a lot more than that it's one of the most useful mods I have in sims 2. Cyjon's mods I like for all those annoyances in game I want to get rid off Lastly it does not always work but I run my mods through the hack detector which will show any conflicts between mods and that can be found on the following link although told me the link might not work from these forum threads to the Leefish site so if the link does not work type into google sims 2 Leefish hack detector.

Finally if you are going to add lots you will need the cleaner installer but it also has other functions I like to use such as running my CC folder through the program which shows different colors of CC that may be broken or corrupt and can be removed easily. I use a combination of camera mods which are especially important if you are going to play custom hoods and want to se all areas of the map. What is your favorite CC food I am a sucker for everything Xnem's (I think that's spelt right-) I never knew that about pescado's mods as I know some players swear by them but because I only came to play 2 from last year I went with the never mods I knew were being updated regularly instead. Apologies in advance everyone the pics are a little large but that's how they are online.

Okay I am going to show you some of what I use then you can let me know what you like the best because there is a ton of her foods and I use them all which makes it a very large folder as you may imagine-) I put this dessert cart in all my coffee lots sims love it. This pic just shows hot dog carts but there are also pancake and hamburger carts great for festival type lots I have made and ice cream store with her ice cream machine pizza I also use her boxed chocolates in my newsagent which sims can buy and eat but I cannot find a pic of that.

There are several I couldn't live without in TS2. Such as the No More Witches mod that stopped witches from appearing on owned business lots and also community lots. The sleep anywhere mod where your Sims can sleep on community lots. (like on benches) The mod on MTS (used to be) that allows Sims to live above stores such as apartments over a store. (Works like apt. Buildings but you can run a store or NPCs run the store on same lot) Requires Apartment Life Many pose boxes and hacks (paintings) that allowed specific behavior and to change the aspirations and to remove plumbob etc. The teleport pad (which was great for StarTrek stories) No More Wolf sign for any lot so they stop showing up.

But can still be summoned. The mod to allow more Sims to live on a lot.based on CPU. SkankBoy's mod to allow puplic bathroom use, Sim no longer bothered to shower or use commode in front of other Sims standing around in the bathrooms. Numenor's mod to allow lamps on mantles Other mods that allowed coffee machine etc. To be put on any end table or dresser, etc. Mod to allow Sims to sleep on floor (rug) I can't think of all the mods I do have in game. If you have the UC or Free Time, make sure to use the free time benefits to slow the needs drop.

Since there's both a baseline needs drop for sims when they're doing absolutely nothing, and needs filling/dropping calculated by the item of furniture they're using, I don't think there's an overall mod for slowing the needs drop. There are too many different variables to it. That said, there's a lot of non-hack things you can do: - Check your sim's personality: playful sims need fun more, active sims need sleep more, etc. A serious sim will gain fun by reading, playing chess, while a playful sim will need something like a video game. - Buy better furniture: the cheapest furniture will raise comfort and sleep extremely slowly compared to the best furniture.

Also various foods fill hunger faster: jello is pretty much worthless as a food, while a plate of turkey from the buffet table will fill your sims up fast. - Make your sim eat faster by having them be the only person at the table and removing all the other chairs, so they don't talk while they eat - it fills social if they do but nowhere near as quickly as having a gossip or a hug from a friend or family member. - Don't use the TV for fun, it's too slow compared to things like video games, playing with another sim, or even examining expensive paintings. Except for the fact that you can use it to work out and gain cooking skill points, the TV's are basically worthless if you have any expansion later than university. - If you have seasons and catch one fresh fish and stock it in your fridge, all your food will be sparkly and better at filling hunger.

Your sims will also get fat faster if you try to feed sims that aren't in the yellow already. - Generally speaking don't worry about a sim's need bar until it goes under half, and for some things - sleep, the bathroom, a shower - you are actively wasting time if you take care of it before it gets yellow. - Aspiration rewards: if you have nightlife, your sim can use them, and it's actually more efficient to have your not yet desperately hungry, bored, and tired sim start a date or outing on the college lot, go until they're in platinum mood, use the energizer aspiration reward, end the event, and *then* study than it is to try and keep ahead of your sim's needs and study. Sims' needs drop slower when they're in gold or platinum mood, so keeping ahead of their aspiration in college is a lot more useful than trying to maually keep their needs up.

- If you have Open for Business and are willing to put in time with another family, try and get someone to earn a gold flower arranging badge and make snapdragons, which you can gift or sell to other sims. Snapdragons boost sims' needs. So do a few of the career rewards, like the journalism quill, but it takes longer to get more than one of those, because you get career rewards at a rate of one per sim in the career. - Send your sim out (but not to university lots) to socialize, take care of needs, and get into platinum aspiration. Most clubs and restaurants downtown have bathrooms, available food, fun, and people to socialize with, and you'll spend maybe 30 sim minutes arriving and departing at your sim's dorm, relative to hours that you could be spending downtown having your sim max out aspiration points and mood.

- If you have seasons, set your university neighborhood to all fall. This won't reduce any needs, but it will make homework and skilling faster! It should theoretically make term papers faster, but I have my suspicions that they're cloned off the novel writing interaction and had nothing changed but the name, so it might not. (A term paper and a novel take up the same amount of time for a sim to write.) - Some items increase one need by sacrificing another. (Coffee increases energy at the expense of bladder.) Prioritize whichever need takes the shortest time to fill. Lastly, if your sim goes to their final in a platinum mood with a mostly full grade bar, they'll get an A.

Honestly with the free time perks I have never had a problem getting sims that already had most of the required skills for their class to have straight A's. Sims do NOT need to complete term papers to get a good grade, just homework and going to class. Term papers aren't properly scaled to the amount of time your semester takes anyway, and doing three or four sets of homework is about equivalent in terms of grade boosting. Term papers are basically for sims who skipped every class and therefore never got homework, since a sim in platinum mood can get them done in a reasonable amount of time over 2 days if they never go to class.

Even so a sim with no free time perks will pretty much never have completely full needs in everything at the same time- nor should they! A full sleep bar should last your sim from 6 AM to 9 or 10, or even 11 PM before they get into the red.