Insydeflash Windows Bios Flash Utility

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Would someone please verify that the utility used to flash the BIOS on my new Acer laptop looks like it does in the attached image? Because flashing a BIOS is a pretty serious thing to do with a purchase that costs $500+, I was surprised to see a picture of a CRT monitor wearing a wizard hat using a pencil to erase something. Also the use of non standard fonts is disturbing. All kidding aside, more importantly, are all ACER bios releases unsigned?

Asus Windows Bios Flash Utility

I had a very similar experience on a new Dell Inspiron 17 laptop running Windows 8. I got an alert from Dell about a necessary upgrade to the BIOS file, and clicked on it - it ran this Insydeflash protocol, and now my Firefox browser refreshes every 20 seconds or so, interrupting typing. I've got a McAfee. Compaq Armada 110 Drivers Xp Download.

The attached picture is of the Insyde InsydeFlash utility for a 4810T v1.28 BIOS.