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Intel Hd Graphics 4000 Driver Update

I just installed Ubuntu 13.04 on my HP laptop with AMD amd Intel graphics. How to install Intel HD 4000 grapics driver. The latest linux driver for.

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Wiki Lots of useful information can be found in our: • • • Discord Linux Gamers Group is a friendly Discord Linux gaming community: Other subreddits • - Everything • - Tech support • - Hardware • - WINE gaming • - GPU passthrough • • Other sites • •. First of all this is just my laptop machine running Linux Mint 18.1 cinnamon 64-bit.

I also dual boot windows 10 pro 64 bit. My processor is i5-4200u additional hardware info: I don't use integrated graphics mainly, this is my secondary machine because I'm always on the move. Now I have updated to the latest kernel, updated to microcode ppa, and updated to the latest intel graphics stacks. Low spec games like CSGO, League of Legends (PlayOnLinux), and Dota 2. I seem to get 40-50% decrease in frames on linux compared to windows 10. It's still in the 45-50 fps range (on linux) BUT it still feels stuttery and not smooth, but on windows I get like 80-100 frames on lowest settings.

Even the desktop on linux is a little stuttery when scrolling. Also the desktop micro-lags minimally, but noticeable everything is just faster on windows. It seems that integrated Intel Hardware has horrible linux support compared to dedicated graphics hardware, but I'm kind of a newbie so can anyone possibly explain why INTEL Integrated is bad?

Or is this problem only concerning me? The Linux Intel drivers tend to be well supported for desktop tasks, but they are not well suited for gaming. League of Legends is being run through Wine, which tends to introduce a performance drop compared to Windows no matter what (using Gallium Nine on AMD cards can negate most of that for DX9 titles, and Vulkan games tend to run 100% parity with Windows in Wine). As for CS:GO and Dota 2, I believe they're using DirectX on Windows, which the Intel driver is likely more optimized for. With Linux you're forced to use OpenGL instead, so there's not much you can really do to improve performance, unfortunately.: As for your desktop micro-stuttering or lagging, that's likely due to the Intel hardware V-Sync being disabled by defualt on Linux, as well as Hardware acceleration in Firefox also being disabled by defualt (where as it is usually enabled by default on Windows). Here are instructions on enabling the (called TearFree in this case), and here are some for and in Firefox.

Hope that helps. You're welcome.:) Both AMD and Nvidia are well supported, but for maximum performance, Nvidia is currently the best option. You can see the difference in performance with AMD's strength is that they utilize open-source drivers, so you generally never have to worry about manually installing/updating them, similar to Intel's driver. This allows you to use Rolling distros like Manjaro or Solus without fear of a kernel update breaking the driver (which can happen with Nvidia), but this generally doesn't happen with LTS distros like Ubuntu, Debian, or openSUSE. Also, using an AMD GPU would allow you to utilize a cheap FreeSync monitor eventually, where as Nvidia G-Sync monitors are far more expensive. Intel HD 4000 laptop here and no issues on Ubuntu 17.10 with default settings, nice and smooth. For Linux Mint, yeah, adding a PPA is probably going to help, but as for which is best I have no idea.

I will say though that by default I'd get tearing on NVIDIA in Mint 18, so I had to add the following to /etc/environment: CLUTTER_PAINT=disable-clipped-redraws:disable-culling CLUTTER_VBLANK=True KWIN_TRIPLE_BUFFER=1 I also had to turn on the xrender variable in Firefox to get it to scroll smoothly. Counter Strike 1.6 Portable No Install more. I'm not sure if all that is still needed in 18.1 but I'm still using it all. There are wide issues with performance on Linux, at least I encountered many that I have yet to solve and/or decided to live with.

Having access to latest packages on a rolling release system might help a little, but the issues are still there. One tip I could recommend trying out, especially since you see stuttering on desktop, is to disable compositor. You will get a lot of tearing, but it might help you troubleshoot the issue. Hell, you may even find it not troubling, and as it can only improve input latency, then it may actually be better for you to have it disabled when playing CS:GO. If that turns out to be an issue, then one hope is that Wayland improves on things when it becomes well-supported enough (it's getting close though!). While I never played League of Legends, it is known to have performance issues, so 40-50% seems plausible. Dota 2 and CS:GO should be better in that aspect though, can't really say from experience though.

Dota 2 have a Vulkan renderer, so you may try using that. CS:GO doesn't have it, but if the rumors will come true, it may get it with the summer update, so it may affect performance in a positive way. Also, you may want to try using responsivness tweaks for Linux, such as using a custom kernel such as for Ubuntu and deriavities.