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IVECO E.A.S.Y v12.1 [2015] + KEYGEN ECU diagnostic and programming Quote:Region. Iveco EASY is used for: Quote:Reading the DTC, its description and removal. Thenkachi Ko Swaminathan Books Pdf.

Iveco Easy

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Iveco Easy 11.1 KG + Instruction Pass: PM after download finish IVECO 10.1 TRUCK & BUS 1) Install BUS DVD DVD (X) easy setup easy setup.exe 2) Run Keygen1.exe a) Click: Read Current and OK b) Click: Generate New and OK 3) Install TRUCK DVD Autorun.exe 4) Copy and replace Framework.StationInformationWriter.dll to C: Program Files Eltrac EASY Bin EasyNET 5) Open on desktop and close. 6) Run Keygen2.exe a) Set Expiration Date b) Set ECI Number. EXSAMPLE: EC-01009-04-05-04 c) Click: All d) Click: Get e) Create new ECIs.txt file and wrote in ur ECI Number. EXSAMPLE: EC-01009-04-05-04 f) Re-name: easy_all.txt to actCodes.txt g) Copy actCodes.txt + ECIs.txt to Windows XP & Windows 7: C: Program Files Eltrac EASY Db Perms h) Copy files and folder (pSets, pSetsNet, rSets, rSetsNet, actCodes.txt, ACIs.txt) replace to Windows XP: C: Documents and Settings All Users Application Data Iveco Easy Perms Windows 7: C: ProgramDATA Iveco Easy Perms.