Paint Tool Sai Marble Texture

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Thought I might as well post this here!!;v; A bit of a long post since I put some extra settings in here, but they're down bellow, so all you need to know about the brush itself should be here!! This is a brush I made for SAI a while ago that I posted to tumblr, and a few people from over here were asking me to post it in the art forums!! I'm pretty sure this is where it should be posted, since this is the art forum, but correct me if I'm wrong! To install, simply make a new airbrush in an empty slot in SAI, and adjust it to these settings!!

Please don't ask me about the Dirt 03 texture, I've gotten millions of those already. It's a default texture for some versions of SAI, if you don't have it, you can find it for download on a few sites! Please note: I do really appreciate it when people use and enjoy the brushes I make, but I do NOT appreciate the replication/copying of the images shown above or any of my art work!

The easiest way to install new brushes and textures in SAI is to. Wavelab 5 Windows 7 Fix Problem. Does anyone know if you can install textures and things on the free version of Paint Tool SAI.

Please make your own images to practice instead of copying mine;m; The effect are pretty simple, but maybe I'll make a tutorial on them some day! They're basically just a bunch of luminosity layers and a few flicks of the hand. For blending and detailing: I suggest detail and blend layers on luminosity or addition!! Use bright colours, either pale or neon!

Paint Tool Sai Marble Texture

My file doesn't seem to have a start-sai.exe thingy And the link in the forums to get it is broken; Any way to help this, or shall I be forever bound to the 3-4 (derp on my end) basic sai textures? I'm not sure why it's broken for you, I downloaded the file just now. But maybe this will help. I uploaded the zip-file as I downloaded it from the site and my own start-sai.exe file into a dropbox folder. I can't promise it will be up forever, but you can fetch them from here. Please use your own healthy judgment with these files.

They haven't caused issues on my end and appear virus free, but it never hurts to exercise caution with file archives and executables. Run a virus scan on them just in case. If anyone else needs support with this PLEASE PM me directly, I don't want this thread hijacked for textures support and whatnot! I'll do my best to help. Let's focus on OP's wonderful brush!