Patch Custom Maid 3d Mods

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Patch Custom Maid 3d Mods

Empire Club Branch #009 /fit/ Edition Welcome, this general is for the discussion of KISS' Custom Maid (3D, 3D2 & Online) games. Post Meidos & Mods. Reidos Welcome! READ THE PASTEBIN Everything you need to know about CM3D2 COPY ERROR MESSAGES WITH CTRL+C, PASTE THEM WITH CTRL+V INTO GOOGLE TRANSLATE. STOP ASKING US BEFORE DOING THAT. Use web OCR to get kanji of error messages: Other Useful Links KISS' Official Website Latest CM3D2 Patch Ver1.32.1 - What's New & Upcoming CM3D2+ Act.2 (7/29) - Genki Hair Poll - Previous Thread: /vg/thread/146536907#p146536907. Putting this top makes it a bit less immediately revealing, but it still feels kinda wonky with her lack of bra/equivalent.

Aug 11, 2016. I was searching for how to install Mod in Custom Maid 3D 2 without HF Patch. Simply because HF patch managed to messed up my game files. Other than that, I prefer to keep the game much cleaner from foreign patch, unless it is a mod. It'll make the game run into less trouble.

Still gotta find something for her hips and/or groin, but my options are either having the dancer bits as a swimsuit, which would get rid of the top in pic related, or as a bottom, like in the old version which won't even let me give her panties. Bleh I'm not sure how to, but here's the components: has the body proportion presets (the 110 one) has the clothing The hair is all vanilla, being medium layered for front and long, silky and glossy for back. Face is similarly from the vanilla game, being Pretty Face - Normal I'll consider it was at x2, now at x8. For how long?

Who knows, may lag, my computer's not the best. It's a tiny bit more VN-like if you know moonspeak/runes. The 'story' is that you become the owner of a made-themed gentleman's club and train girls to bring in the money. Training girls of course means fucking them. Before each training session there's a conversation bit where you can ask them about themselves etc, but none of that's translated. And as mention there's various events like other people fucking them, and earning new locations to fuck in. Personally I just like creating characters, and treat it as a better looking 3d custom girl.

OH, and there's also this dance thing, straight outa mmd. Zombie surprise Someone's sure going to get eaten out. Or I missed where that went, or unrelated, but cute! Kisses are a bitch to line up really closely, especially with camera friendly angles. That should mean it's installed, which is weird. O are confirming the file will be added, x that it's not needed, and if everything is x it won't try to install any files since they're already there.

Thought maybe somehow it's installing to the wrong location, but at least it worked for yandere so could be the onee-chan install files are damaged. Of all the problems, there shouldn't be any hitches with installing base game DLC stuff.

Update for Sybaris AIO: MEGA Folder: Changelog for [160629]:. Added 30767_cbokki. Added Gスキン完全版. Update for CM3D2.HitCheckImprove.Patcher. Update for CM3D2.AddYotogiSlider.Plugin. Update for CM3D2.MaidFiddler.Plugin.

Update for CM3D2.ShapeAnimator.Plugin. Update for body_analkupa Mods Included: - 7_cbokki (Nipple mod required for CM3D2.AddYotogiSlider.Plugin AutoTUN functionality) - body_analkupa (Uncensor suite required for CM3D2.AddYotogiSlider.Plugin AutoKUPA functionality) - Gスキン完全版 [Perfect_Goumou's Skin] (skin mod compatible with body_analkupa, includes pubic hair variations) Pastebin: hope this helps. 1) She is a yandere, and got herself entirely tatooed to signify that she, heart and body, now belongs to the Master. 2) Much more ridiculous: She is a succubus, but had her powers sealed away (the red cross piercings and necklace that she wears) by the Master, cunning enough to trap her.

Despite that, she's still lustful and notably somewhat insane, in human terms. Somewhere along the line, she just stopped caring about getting her powers back, because she's got someone dicking her constantly anyway, and just have fun with the other girls. Also, slowly finding the vanilla lovemaking delicious.

It is too late to regret, but I regret nothing. Hello Everyone. I hope this is the correct thread for this.

(!!!This concerns only the VR Version, If you don't use VR or don't know anything about VR, don't bother reading ahead. Chances are you can't help me anyways in that case) I am using CM3D2 VR. Which does behave quite weird. It shors some null.error when starting without steam VR, it runs fine with steam VR but if I do so I always see my black sensor which clipps through stuff. I thought updation the Oculus software to 1.4 might help but all I get when I do that is: Custom Maid 3d 2 VR Oculus Ver.1.4.0 Wrapper Ver.1.3.2 Someopne knows how to get it to run with the new oculus runtime. I know everyone says this but I searched Google high and low and can't seem to find a solution except downgrading to 1.3.2. Whiuch doesn't reeally help with the problem that I always see my sensor in VR and I only can run in Steam VR.

I haven't tried playing with a Free maid yet, so I don't know if that locks out from them falling in love with you, but from what I can tell with having the other type, there's at least two things: Certain VIP scenes is locked off, as they need specifically a Free maid or a Personal maid (some scenes with the latter are NTR, basically, like said). Being a Personal maid do mean they exclusively serve you, in theory, but they still let you make them do Swapping/Group acts with them. Who knows why. And the other thing is how much money they gain from the 'Entertainment' night activity.

Free maids are implied to sexually service the customers, and as such gain more credits with higher sexual stats. Personal maids just probably entertain them in a more orderly manner, and gain more credits with higher 'day' stats (Charm, Sweetness, Elegance; unsure of other stats). It's easier for a Free maid to rake in the cash, and will probably always make more than a Personal maid can.

Some of the details is just stuff I read about. You've got infinite time to grind for credits and class exp, so who really cares about credits. I've got one Free Maid as my 2nd and she just rakes in the cash money anyway; never did a night service with her since I made her a Free Maid. Kind of sad, really. Really, I don't think they even have a time limit to pay off the debt.

Didn't CM3D1 have one and you could technically fail it if you badly trained your first maid? Rapala Pro Fishing 2010 Pc Cracked. It's been a long time since CM3D1. Still let you make them do Swapping/Group acts with them. Who knows why. To some extents it's just mechanics, like getting the requirements for Guest Exhibition Play requires you to level Abnormal Maid for the exposure play, but not touch any of the swapping skills it has.

Beyond that, the whole thing, NTR events included, isn't meant to restrict your will and imagination, it's built around making your own story. If you select NTR events, you're aware of what you're doing and intentionally building your story or just fapping to that process. Stuff like Deceived Reception into AV Shoot are a gradual corruption of her morals that you can either cut dry there, further degrade and humiliate her by sharing her with guests in night service if she liked it that much, train her to be a real exhibitionist pervert or punish her until she's a maso bitch. It's not going to decide your story for you. Free Maids just skip that and go straight to customer service with different sorts of VIP events. Love Slave is just a title lewd or slave maids want you to use at 100 favour. Only mechanical difference is a couple personal VIP events that are Lover only.

The only requirement for Lover at all is 80 favour raised from pre-service chat for either type. Love-slave vs. Lover That one, I literally do not know.

I accepted all of mine in as love-slaves as soon as they asked about it because that's my fetish built around making your own story Pretty much sums it up, good point. Makes posing feel like a natural extension of that, or so I feel. Yet, they're making Plus Act.2, and that's probably gonna add a few more variations to the story. I say few, because it's probably going to be more of the NPCs VIP and just more yotogi skills. Also, interesting that maids reference their day classes, but not mention their night classes, or combination thereof at all.

Probably the same reason as VIP scenes; it's about building your maid's 'character', vaguely speaking of. I find Escort Maid, Sweet Maid and Bridal Maid skills with nearly all of them to be quite endearing for most of the personalities.

Seated Facing Sex needs more variations. Wilder and lewder ones.

I say few, because it's probably going to be more of the NPCs VIP and just more yotogi skills. Something like that. Off top of my head it's adding four new classes with rental maid events. NTR Maid, Yuri Maid, School Maid and Marriage Maid, which I guess is Bridal Maid+, maybe that'll have more intense seated sex stuff. You'll be able to give a maid the day off which has you go on a dates with them. Will be able to properly marry too, which changes dialogue interaction.

I guess the day maid thing is cause that's their job class, and night service is part of their job as a maid. They keep abilities after leaving whichever night class and can perform via whichever category so it's probably more strictly a mechanics thing. Those classes have really cute stuff though, and it helps gravitate maids into personalities.

I wouldn't take my lovey-dovey Sweet Maid to the dungeon outside of punishment, but a tsundere goes there a lot and a third is often teased and played with outside. MultipleMaid posing is really great for creating little stories and characteristic things around all that, yes. Limitless Soundtrack Download Rar. Can be a lot of work to get everything right but rewarding.

I totally understand where you're coming from, since having my original meido do a VIP event, she feels tainted and I'd rather not touch her, but I have to because it's my job. Though I made this cutie the head meido instead, as she isn't filthy scum. Paying the debt is fairly easy. If you want to do it as fast as possible, but have both your maids dispatch and nightservice every day, that conserves real time. But if you want to do it in the least amount of ingame days, I really don't know how to min max, obviously the more skilled they are the more cash they get you, but training them takes time.

I'd prefer to get the debt paid as it unlocks more of the game. If I remember correctly, your uncle left her to assist you with club management, probably inclusive of handling your maid's activity schedule, day training and maybe club maintenence. Who else is gonna oversee the order of the gallons of wine/sake/whatever they serve during the night.

It's also probably why she's present when you decide whether or not a trainee maid is put on your Personal roster or the Free roster, so she can keep track and manage for you. Hell if I know what your Head maid actually does aside from having the abiltiy to pass on her stats (and fetishes) to Trainee meidos. Aa2 has very particular faces. Most anime characters look better in cm3d2 than they do in aa2, although there are those suited to one or the other.

For example, cm3d2 kirino, aa2 junko Although both makers have their own drawbacks and advantages. I think CM3D2 was just a touched up or remastered port of CMO to recoup losses, and CMO was KISS's first Unity game I believe. Hopefully with all the money they're pulling in they'll build something from the ground up for their next CM3D game, with good sliders and better bodies. Excluding character specific mods: A female body uncensor A male penis uncensor CandN(Cantus and Nature) mods to give you a wider selection of casual looking clothing/undergarments A few face mods as your options are limited, and same face maids are disgusting. Tattoo mods (if your into that stuff) as your options are limited. Some item/accessory mods if you plan on doing posing. Plugins: AddModsSlider MaidVoicePitch (for more control over body proportions) AlwaysColorChangeEx AddYotogiSlider MaidFiddler (for instant maid stat editing) (if you plan on doing posing) Multimaids.

I'm not that first guy who you asked, so I didn't answer. But to me, it's how earnest she is. It's not exactly loyalty, but the way she says it is that she does everything for you. Comparing it to Yandere, the next best in my ranking, Innocent would repeatedly say 'I love you' a lot more when you get her hot and bothered.

Source: dozens of nights of yotogi compared between the two, from what I can tell anyway really lewd Really, all the personalities get rather lewd when they hit lover status, so I can't compare. But in terms of honesty and wanting affection from you, she takes my cake.