Pete`s Opengl Driver 1.76 Configuration

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Pete`s Opengl Driver 1.76 Configuration

I'm trying to use ANY PSX emulator with Pete's OpenGL plugin coupled with the proprietary NVIDIA driver. My card is a GTX 550 Ti. So, here is the config that worked for me in PCSX-R (never did get it straightened out in ePSXe): Under graphics, check Fullscreen. Then, manually type in the. Oct 11, 2012 Hi guys I change to Pete's OpenGL Driver 1.76 in my laptop which did not have a videocard i guess. The videocard is Intel(R) HD Graphics - 1050MB (Core. This section you will show the video configuration options supported. You can select Hardware, FXAA, software renderer or OpenGL Plugin. In general you. You can enable/disable the filtering in the hw renderer (not supported on software renderer and the opengl plugin include its own filtering options). By default the.

.the correct switch to use via command line is '-cdtiming -legaia'. NOTE: Enabling Accurate CD-ROM Timing in options may produce the same effect, but to be safe, it's best to use the switch.

I think you can add those switches to the end of the target in the epsxe shortcut, or make a.bat file with this in it: Code: epsxe.exe -cdtiming -legaia I think I remember one of the GPU plugins having a 'special game fixes' window with a Legend of Legaia checkbox too. I've had better performance using the built-in audio plugin than Pete's old plugin in the last few versions of the emulator (tho with your computer it shouldn't matter). If all else fails, just use a different emulator. A quick fix might just be to use a lower screen resolution in the video plugin.

For the video lag, activate 'Unfiltered framebuffer updates' in Pete's d3d driver and see if that helps. Also, the driver I have is 1.77 so it couldn't hurt to have the latest version. Try this.bat file instead (make sure it's in the same directory as epsxe): Code: echo off start epsxe.exe -cdtiming -legaia cls If you get a '-cdtiming param incorrect' message like I just did you might need to downgrade to version 1.5.2 of ePSXe to use that switch.