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Dec 11, 2009. Cycle Sphere A.K.A. Udi Bitton (Dui to is friends) working is way up the psytrance scene for the last 4 years djing over israel. Happy with getting a remarkable positive feedback from Trance fans all around the world and even being asked to produce music for TV commercials and popular movies.

GENERAL LIST (Categories list follows) ( *Req. = Requires Registration, eg.

E-mail.) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (Req. Reg.) (Variety of free samples) (Free Bollywood/Indian sample and loop pack 596Mb) [Req. Reg.] (Links List) (Req. Reg.) (Dubstep samples) (Sound and Sample Search Engine!) (look in Archive) (Req.

Add free stuff to cart) (remix packs) (Req. Reg.) (Excellent FPC Multitrack Drumkit) Sound FX (Req. Reg.) (300 MB of Drum Samples) (Links List) (Links List) (loops and beats, many different styles) (Req. Reg.) (Ethnic/World loops) [Req. Reg.] (Links) (Req. Reg.) (vintage analogues) (Free Garageband Apple Loops) (Req. Reg.) (Nice jazz trumpet loops wav) (Req.

Reg.) (LOTS of great stuff here) (Great Site, Amazing resource) (Req. Iso 9001 Notes In Urdu. Reg.) (Free Psytrance kits, near bottom of page) (3.5Gb of High Quality Soundfonts!) (scroll down for samples) (drums and beats/loops) (Orchestral samples + Free Sample player) (look for the free demo loops) (Psytrance) (Req. Reg.) - Free Royalty Free Stock Music for Education Professional quality free audio samples (Req. Reg.) Vintage Drum Machine Samples (Soundfonts) (Req. Reg.) (5000 free sound FX) (Beatport Sample Pack) [Reg. Reg.] real world/ambient recordings Links, mostly sound FX (TR-808 samples) (various free soundfont editors/players) (Click on 'Previous Entries' @ bottom to see more pages) (LIST) (click on each to find the free ones) (Hardcore Kicks and other Samples from our very own REIGN) (Orchestral) (Several free Samples and Loops packs amongst all the Ableton stuff) Links (lots of great drum samples) (Req. Reg.) (Various vintage synth Soundfonts) (Req. Crush It By Gary Vaynerchuk Pdf File.

Reg.) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CATEGORIES Acapellas and Vocal Samples (Req. And upload required) (search for 'Vocals') (Doru Malaia, free treated vocal samples, great stuff) (Creative Commons Licensed acapellas) (Mostly FX/processed vocals & loops) (Req. Reg.) (Req.Reg.) Drums/Drum Loops (drum loops and samples) (Req. Reg.) (Doru Malaia, ethnic percussion) (look in Archive) (Excellent FPC Multitrack Drumkit) (excellent vintage drum machine stuff) (300 MB of Drum Samples) (huge Vintage Drum Pack) (Req. Reg.) (Crazy processed drum loops and other great stuff) (Vintage Drum Machine Samples) (328 free drum n bass samples) (342 free dubstep samples) (drums and beats/loops) Vintage Drum Machine Samples (various styles) (TR-808 samples) (Classic Dnb Break Pack) (lots of great drum samples) (HUGE Drum Machine Sample Packs) Hip Hop-related (Req.

Reg.) (Search 4 what you want) (huge collection) (Trap Beat samples) (Trap samples) (loops and beats, many different styles) (Req. Email address) (look for the free demo loops) (pay with a tweet) (TR-808 samples) (lots of great drum samples) (Req. Reg.) Orchestral Samples (Brass, strings, woodwinds, etc.) (Nice jazz trumpet loops wav) (Orchestral samples + Free Sample player) Remix Packs/Contests (remix packs) (Req. Reg.) Soundfonts (You will need these tools to decompress many of these soundfonts) -- sfArk and SF Pack. SfArk is the most common -->(sfArk) (SF Pack) (HQ Orchestral Soundfonts Collection) (3.5Gb of High Quality Soundfonts!) (Soundfonts) (Req. Reg.) (Various Soundfonts) (sfz format, use free Cakewalk sfz player) (various free soundfont editors/players) (Various vintage synth Soundfonts) Sound FX (Req.

Reg.) (5000 free sound FX) (Huge database of Field Recordings) Links, mostly sound FX EDM,Trance/Dance, House/DNB/etc. (Dubstep samples) (Req. Reg.) (Crazy processed drum loops and lots of other great stuff) (Req. Reg.) (Hard Style) (Req.

Reg.) (328 free drum n bass samples) (342 free dubstep samples) (Free Psytrance kits, near bottom of page) (Psytrance) (Req. Reg.) (Beatport Sample Pack) [Reg. Reg.] (Hardcore Samples) (Req. Reg.) Vintage (excellent vintage drum machine stuff) (vintage analogues) (modular synth samples) (PPG Wave2 soundset, direct d/l link) Vintage Drum Machine Samples (Vintage + much more) (TR-808 samples) (Various vintage synth Soundfonts) (HUGE Drum Machine Sample Packs) (Alesis Andromeda A6 samples) WAV sites/Movies/TV (483 free movie soundtrack samples) World/Ethnic Music (Free Bollywood/Indian sample and loop pack 596Mb) [Req.

Reg.] (Hang drum samples) [Req.