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Dsrules, thanks for the answer, however I have downloaded this file from your link more then (16) sixteen times now. I have even went to my brothers whom runs a win XP (SP2) computer and downloaded it there. The files work just fine on his PC, all in English, confirmed working as normal.

However when I download it here, or even more that confirmed working file to my win 7 x64 PC, I still get that same error message every time. Could I be doing something wrong? Or not doing something I'm supposed to, to make this work for me on my own PC? This is what I get every time I download r4cce v.0.86 http://oi56.tinypic.com/s4cj91.jpg.

R4cce  Zip

Sadly yes I have a few times, that just causes a whole new set of errors. I have to rename the original r4cce.xml file to something else first, in the first screen shot it's at the top renamed as r4cce1.xml and the I can rename the English file. When I load it after that I get this error, 'There is no disk in the drive, please insert a disk in drive D.' I then immediately get the first error from the previous post, only now stead of saying 'r4cce.English.xml has an error,' it just says 'r4cce.xml has an error and is not ready.'

Note: This may vary depending on what flash cart and firmware you use. I use an AceKard 2i with AKAIO in this FAQ. You can google instructions on the steps I say ~~VARIED~~. You can post how to do it on a different flash cart on this Thread. 1)Click the link below to download r4cce.

FAQ: How to Add Cheat Codes Using r4cce. How Languages Are Learned 4th Edition Pdf there. exe. Click the link below to download r4cce. Win ZIP, 7ZIP or any other.

It's some ways down the site, which has a lot of apps. I use USRCHEAT.dat, but you can pick whatever. 2)Download a cheat file from and save it to anywhere on the computer. 3)Extract it using Win RAR, Win ZIP, 7ZIP or any other extractor.

4)Open the Folder and Double-Click the r4cce.exe file. 5)Click File>Open>somewhere>cheatfolder>Silent Hunter 4 U Boat Missions Mods Download there. cheat-file.xxx 6)Click on Add Game and type in the title and game ID (google) on the right. Skip this step if your game is already added. 7) *optional* Click on Add Folder if you want to, and name it. Skip this one if you don't need a folder. 8)Highlight ( Click ) the Folder/Game you want to add the code to. If you highlight the folder, it will place it in it, if you highlight the game, it will place it in the game.

9)Click Add Code, put in any title,add a comment *optional* add copy/paste the code. 10) ~~VARIED~~ Save it and copy/paste it into your flash cart. Take the Micro SD (HC) card with enough room for the cheat file out of your flash cart, use a TransFlash reader or SD Card Adapter and insert it into the Card/USB Port on your computer. For the Acekard 2i w/ AKAIO for example is ((MicroSD(HC)Card))X:>_aio>cheats 11) ~~( AKRPG only )VARIED( only AKRPG )~~Safely Remove your Micro SD ( HC ) card by right-clicking Safely Remove or Eject, then pull it out and insert it into your flash cart. 12) ~~VARIED~~ Start up your DS and flash cart, navigate to your game by clicking on various folders that you created, open up the cheat editor ( Y on Acekard ), ~IMPORTANT~ Click Rebuild *if you have that option* ( This may take a while ), and select your cheats using X and Y. 13)Start up your game and viola!

You have your new cheats.??? Coming Soon so you can ask away! After I create this to my fullest extent. STOP ASKING!!!!! Directions with pictures are Coming Sooner or Later BTW KEEP THIS FAQ ALIVE!!!