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(Photo Credit: Arvin Lim, ABS-CBN Sports) UE Red Warriors def. NU Bulldogs 90-77 Notable Players: Mark Olayon, UE (17pts 6rebs 8asts 1blk): Olayon continues his stable play by contributing all around damage on the floor and being efficient from the field.

Mark Maloles, UE (13pts 6rebs 2asts): Maloles wasn't very efficient from the field making on 33% of his shots but contributed big and even had the best +/- for the game (He's a +15 on the floor) Nick Abanto, UE (13pts 11rebs 1ast 19mins): Abanto had quality minutes and notched a double-double in just 19 minutes. Alvin Pasaol, UE (11pts 10rebs 1ast 1 stl 19 mins): Despite having a subpar game (shooting 33% and foul-trouble), he still managed to chip-in a double-double. Issa Gaye, NU (20 pts, 13 rebs, 1 stl, 4 blks): As expected, Gaye dominated this game as there was a lack of 'bigman' presence to stop him. JayJay Alejandro, NU (16 pts, 8 rebs, 10 asts): Alejandro was 2 rebounds shy of a triple double.

Though the stats may look pretty, he also had a game high 5 TO's as being a primary ball-handler gave him problems too. Quick Analysis: - Coming into the game, almost everyone would expect NU to win over UE, especially with NU's win after the closing game against UP in the 1st round. It was somehow an upset for NU, but wasn't much of a surprise either for UE. Right off the jumpball, UE looked and played like they are inspired. They never looked back. - This game and the 'significant' stats actually looked a little weird and ironic. The team turnovers, inside points, and bench points are the three key statistics that we'll be looking.

First one would be the turnovers. It's quite ironic that UE has only about half (12 TO) as much as NU's 21 turnovers. This looked ironic as we have seen and known Coach Jamike's defensive themed game and his press defense. Surprising because UE used to struggle against pressing teams, but was able to take care of the ball. The inside points also looked a little weird because you would expect NU to dominate the paint.

The most obvious would be Issa Gaye's presence inside. And he did deliver, but UE still had 60 points in the paint compared to NU's 42. This could be a result of the press that UE was able to handle, leading to quick and easy baskets inside. Lastly, we have been talking about UE's lack of bench contribution for the entire first round, and there were even times that Pasaol would score more than 80% of the bench points.

This game, NU only had 23 bench points while UE scored 40 bench points (about 45% of total team points) and every player who stepped on the floor has at least 2 points. If only UE would only have this kind of consistent bench production, nobody would be surprised if they put up a fight and scare every team they are up against. It's hard to believe that the UST basketball program is the team that's made it to the UAAP Finals the most for the past five years. Surprising right? Well, it's actually true. Season 75 - ADMU def. UST Season 76 - DLSU def.

UST Season 77 - NU def. FEU Season 78 - FEU def. UST Season 79 - DLSU def. ADMU DLSU's made it twice. Ateneo's made it twice. They've made it a whopping three times for the past five years. Another thing that separates UST from the rest of the Finalists from the past five years?

They've never won the UAAP championship. They've been bridesmaids three times now.

It's only a matter of time before they become brides themselves, raising the UAAP title at the end of the basketball season. Sadly, from being just bridesmaids, they've been relegated to just guests, watching the rest of the teams in the UAAP try to become a bride. Anytime a program is brought down instead of going up, it's safe to say that ther. The difference that a year makes. When you look at it, the shift from 2016 to 2017 doesn't sound all that big. 50 years from now, when the future generation studies the history of the world, there won't be much discussion regarding the year of our Lord going from 16 to 17. It just doesn't seem like it's that big of a difference.

But when we, our generation, try to remember the events the occurred between those two years, the amount of stories which we can share are limitless. One number just separates those two years. But somehow, I can see it now with my magical tool for predicting future events (It says the Warriors are going to blow a 3-1 lead soon), we'll be telling our kids or our grandkids, 'The difference that a year makes.' Ask the Ateneo Blue Eagles right now regarding the shift from 2016 and 2017, and there's a big chance they'll be saying the very same thing. Just last year, the Blue Eagles were the subject of a ton of scrutiny from the. Writer's note: I actually already wrote about Matt last week over. Nonetheless, I hope you enjoy this more emotional (at least compared to my piece in SLAM PH) take on Matt.

As Matt Nieto slowly sat down in the press room in MOA Arena, you can't help but notice the smile on his face after their victory versus the La Salle Green Archers. This should be expected of any player after managing to beat their fiercest rivals (especially with HOW they beat them). But if you know Matt very well, seeing him with this much joy was a completely new experience. For the longest time, Matt has been described as someone who is mataray by most of his batchmates. Every time he walks around campus, you see him with a stern look, as if he was just scolded by his dad for missing his free throws in practice. It wasn't as if Matt was purposely doing this as if to create a 'brand' or whatsoever.

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