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Redmatica Keymap Pro Rare

Jan 29, 2012 - 7 min - Uploaded by KonnektaLogic Project with x2 EXS24 instruments I made.

Click to expand.I don't think they are putting the features in anything. I think they are using them internally. I don't know of any other software that is as good. I bought a Mac Mini specifically to run it, and it is now a museum PC, in that I will never update anything on it, in case Keymap Pro doesn't work any more. There might be something Windows based, but from memory I seem to remember that it really wasn't in the same league. I would never have bought a Mac for any other software.:wink: Sorry not to have better news. I think Eric Persing nailed it in the older thread about this, where he said that Garage Band for iOS is one of the highest selling audio apps of ALL TIME.

Now, I have no way of confirming this, but Eric is eminently trustworthy, so I'm sure it's accurate. It's only natural that Apple would want to secure the tools for their continued use. The unfortunate thing is that they don't seem keen on releasing it to the masses. Like others, I bought a Mac specifically for Keymap.

It's a terrible shame to see it go away. Interesting thread here that mentions selling second hand software despite the EULA: It's a strange thing a EULA. It's an agreement between you and a company not between you and the IP but then I suppose it dictates how you use that company's IP, but they don't account for when the company ceases to exist and the IP is transferred to another company.

Most EULAs start by saying something like 'this agreement is between you (licensee) and some company inc. (company)' So when you purchased KeyMap did the EULA say you were accepting an agreement between you and Apple, or Redmatica and it's future IP owners?

The two other elements of the Redmatica Compendium package are EXS Manager and Autosampler, both of which have been reviewed in Sound On Sound ( and ). Nr 2003 Full Download. EXS Manager is a stand–alone utility that organises your EXS24 samples and Instruments and fixes any broken links between them. As well as being a useful tool for optimising your sample library, it can also help with EXS24–related Logic booting problems.

Autosampler is another stand–alone program that quickly and automatically generates samples from MIDI–controlled external synthesizers or virtual instruments. These samples can then be easily remapped and processed using Keymap and its extensive suite of EXS24 Instrument-creation facilities. Redmatica Keymap pros • Graphical interface and editing a great improvement on what’s available in EXS24. • Because results are rendered to an audio file, there should be no future compatibility issues. • Looping, harmonic synthesis and other processing tools sound great and are easy to use. Cons • The Surround and spatialisation editor can’t be used as an AU plug–in.

• Still lacks a few features of some of the better specified samplers because of inherent limitations of EXS24 itself. Summary EXS24 users usually have an extensive list of features and improvements that they’d like to see incorporated into the sampler. Redmatica have covered most of the requests I’ve come across, and they have also added a little of their own stardust in the process. That they have managed to do so in a stand–alone program is nothing short of miraculous.

If you do any sampling at all with EXS24, the Redmatica bundle is definitely worth a look. All contents copyright © SOS Publications Group and/or its licensors, 1985-2017.

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