Registration Key Fsuipc Rar Files

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Registration Key Fsuipc Rar Files

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Hello, I have been reading and trying for days to get fsuipc4.703 installed and registered in prepar3d. Fresh install of windows 7 ultimate clean registered copy of prepar3d installed on D: drive UAC is disabled newest installer version of fsuipc4.703, run as administrator Replaced fsuipc4.dll in modules folder with fsuipc4.dll version 4.714 Verified digital signature verified computer date is correct I would attach the log file but can not find it anywhere? Most of the time that I run the fsuipc installer, it finishes saying everything is o.k and then instead of registration screen a window pops up saying fsuipc installer stopped working and program closes. I recently got it to install and get to the registration screen (not doing anything different). I enter my details successfully and close installer. Open prepar3d, go to add-ons, fsuipc is not registered? Try to re-run installer, says my copy is more recent (because I replaced.dll file with 4.714) and stops installing I am not sure what else to do?

I recently got it to install and get to the registration screen (not doing anything different). I enter my details successfully and close installer. Open prepar3d, go to add-ons, fsuipc is not registered? This has been occurring more often recently, and is, I think, a result of a change in Windows security measures. It's a damned nuisance. But it certainly should not happen if you ereally have installed FSUIPC4 version 4.714 or later in the real Modules folder.

The fact that you can't even find the Log suggests that you aren't actually looking in the right folder, so maybe you didn't put the DLL into the right folder? I tried the installer again and got a new error 'fsuipc.dll signature check'. I checked the publishers list in internet options and 'sim flight' is NOT listed in untrusted publishers. There are other possible reasons for that, including needed services not running in Windows (cryptographic, mainly), and security settings in the Registry being wrong.

Please see the extensive advice in the relevant thread in the FAQ subforum. One usually less likely reason for a signature check failure is either corruption of the DLL itself, or misreads from disk on some accesses.

Now with the high reliability of today's hard disks I would normally say that was a very remote possibility, but considering the fact that every time you run the same, unchanging, program (the Installer) you get different results, there's something very very odd going on with your system, and it could either be disk access problems (i.e. Errors created on the data transfers), or perhaps much more likely, faulty memory. ******** FSUIPC4, Version 4.714 by Pete Dowson ********* Reading options from 'D: Lockheed Martin Prepar3d Modules FSUIPC4.ini' Trying to connect to SimConnect ESP Orig. User Name=' User Addr=' This shows there is not even an FSUIPC4.KEY file. So you never actually entered in any of the Registration details at all? Apart from that, the FSUIPC4.LOG shows that FSUIPC4 is correctly installed, that the DLL.XML file was updated, and it is working.

So there MUST be a proper completed Install log. There is absolutely nothing in the Installer which would cause it to run differently each time it is run. Something is changing in the system which is messing it up, somehow.

There is nothing complicated nor advanced in the Installer, it uses standard Windows methods to copy files and locate folders. It has worked on thousands of systems without any of the problems you report. I'd like to know what is so wildly different about your system. Are you sure the Windows installation is healthy, to start with? With different results every time you run the Installer I have no way of even starting to diagnose the problems on your system. You need to be able to run it and get a consistent result, whether that be right or wrong, before I can get further. Regards Pete.