Symantec Ghost Server 11.5 Free Download Full Version

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Trialware for Symantec Ghost Solution Suite (GSS) 2.5 or higher. This includes Ghost 11.5 and is available from your reseller or Symantec Sales Representative.

You can also download a copy from the. Notes: • The trial version is intended only for evaluating Symantec Ghost software.

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This version is not for commercial use, rollouts, migrations, or computer preparation. • Telephone technical support is not available for Try-Before-You-Buy and Trialware products. Try-Before-You-Buy and Trialware versions are supported online at and through our online. • The trial version cannot be purchased and should be uninstalled before installing the full version of Symantec Ghost Solution Suite 2. Cod Mw2 Zone Folder Download Icon on this page. 5 / Ghost 11.5. To obtain a copy of Symantec Ghost Solution Suite 2.5 / Ghost 11.5, or to purchase upgrade insurance, contact your reseller. • The Ghost Console will not install natively on a Linux OS. Boot media will need to be created from the Ghost Boot Wizard (GBW) to image the Linux systems.

For general product information, read the document:. Limitations The trialware includes the following limitations: Timing out • The trial version of the Ghost Console times out 30 days after the trialware is installed. • The Ghost.exe expires 30 days after installation. You cannot extend the expiry date. Licenses • The trial version allows a maximum of ten client computers to connect to the Ghost Console at the same time. Writing images to disks or partitions The following information applies only to writing an image over a disk or partition, and not to saving an image file to a drive. • Images created with the Trailware version of Ghost can only be restored by the same Trialware version or by the fully licensed product.

• GhostCast Server does not write (load) any images to client computers except for the Ghost boot partition image. • Ghost cannnot restore images in standalone mode such as Disk-to-Disk, Partition-to-Partition, Partition-from-Image and Disk-from-Image. Images can only be restored using the Console. The only exception to this is using GhostCast Server and Ghost to restore Console Boot Partition images. • If you have created an image of a computer with the Trialware client installed you want to keep, you should restore the image, uninstall the Trialware client, install the licensed version of Symantec Ghost client and create a new image. • Ghost.exe cannot be used to restore Ghost Boot Partition (GBP) images. Ghost32.exe is able to restore GBP images as normal.

• Images created by the trialware version of Ghost32.exe cannot be restored by the trialware version of Ghost.exe. • Images created by the trialware version of Ghost.exe cannot be restored by the trialware version of Ghost32.exe. Other • The Trialware version does not allow confirmation dialog boxes to be suppressed. • Symantec Ghost will not install on the computer if another version of Ghost is already installed. This includes the Trialware version. In all cases, you must first uninstall the currently installed version of Ghost.

• AI Packages do not install standalone and can only be deployed through the Console. • Omnifs, Omnifs32, the Ghost Linux tools, and the Ghost Windows 64-bit tools are not included in the Trialware version. • The 3Com PXE server is not included in the Trialware version. License File After you download the trialware online, you will receive an email containing the trialware license file format. You will need to extract out the *.SLF file before you can register the Console. The Console needs to be registered with this license file before it can be used. To register the Console, make sure the Ghost Console is open.

Symantec Ghost Server 11.5 Free Download Full Version

Download Software Toko Full Version Gratis. Click Help ->Register Console ->Add Symantec License file. Identifying the trialware • The version number for the Symantec Ghost 11.5 trialware is • In Trialware, when the Console is started, the title bar will show 'Trialware'. When Ghost.exe or Ghost32.exe is started, the page will notify you it is a Trialware version.

• For more information on identifying your Ghost version, see the document.