Terjemahan Tafsir Qurtubi Pdf

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Terjemahan Tafsir Qurtubi Pdf

Tafsir al-Jalalain (Arabic: Tafsir al Jalalayn تفسير الجلالين, literal meaning: 'the interpretation of two Jalals') is a book of famous commentary of the Quran, which was originally developed by Jalaluddin al Mahalli in 1459, and then continued by Jalaluddin as- Suyuti, his student in 1505. This interpretation book is generally regarded as a classic interpretation of Sunni books which many used as a reference, because it is considered easy to understand and is comprised of only one volume alone. Features: - Complete Tafseer book translated in Indonesian language - Can change text font size - Day and night reading mode - Easy and quick index navigation - Select Tafseer for any Surah (Chapter) or Ayah (Section) of Koran - Auto Bookmark (Last read topic) - No internet or online connection required for reading - Designed for both Android mobile phones and tablets - Read anywhere and anytime Note: This free Malay App is supported by Ads.

Jazak Allah Kheir.

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