Uplink Developer Cd Zip Files

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Uplink Developer Cd Zip Files

Hello everyone. I'm relatively new to linux - i've been messing around with it whenever i have a computer that becomes 'old' since about 98, but i'm by no means an expert. For example, if someone said 'chmod such and such' i'd be relatively comofortable, but beyond that level of technical knowledge i'm stuck. Here's my problem. I have a CD for a game called Uplink. I bought it, paid for it, all that fun stuff.

I have the DEMO of Uplink installed on this linux machine and it works fine. I have been following this guide to try to get the full version running: Now, that's fine with one problem. There is no such thing on the CD (unless i'm doing something wrong) called 'Uplink.zip'. Could someone help me out, with as clear and step by step a set of instructions as possible?

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Thank you, very very VERY much. I may have just figured it out your problem.

This is what I have done on my 64 bit version. If you have a 32 bit ubuntu o.s then just follow steps 3 and 9 from below 1. Install 'getlibs' (. Download and then double click the file to install 2. Enable all of the repositories. Download the linux patch from here () 4. Open terminal and type in 'sudo getlibs -w ' 5.

Do a search on the ubuntu package database () for libglib1.2, but select ALL distrobutions, select for the newest distobution then follow the onscreen instructions. Remember you need the 32bit version. 6, in a terminal go to where you downloaded the file libglib1.2_1.2.10-17build1_i386.deb (in step 5) and type in sudo getlibs -i /.