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Having issues with I'd prefer downloading full client else where, install offline and update anything extra through That way I don't have to download 30gb+ via their client. Any ideas or links? Full client here. Download these and place in correct places to have working maps extractor's. Yes, 20 mb is the correct size for the client since it downloads. Buy in-game items quickly and easily. 3d Plants Model. The Shop is also where you'll find in-game items such as loot boxes, pets, mounts, and more. Exchange digital gifts with friends. Send and receive digital games and in-game items right from the app. Download the Blizzard Desktop App. It's your gateway to.

Wow Full Client Downloader

From where though? It just keeps freezing.It's not actually freezing. There's a graphical bug with the client where the download seems to stop progressing after a certain point.

However if you check your network status, you'll see there's still a crapload of data coming down the line. Same thing happened to me during the 6.0 update and I was like 'what the hell?' But I left it for an hour or so and the download completed successfully, despite the fact the client seemed to be stuck at 60% Aside from that, unless it's been changed recently; you can search in your Blizzard folder for the torrent file it uses for P2P data, and load that up in any torrent client you wish and download it that way.

No problem.:) I'm guessing this is on a PC, so not all that easy for you to move to a location that has faster internet temporarily? 2 days isn't tooo bad I guess. Adobe Photoshop Cs6 Portable Download Mac.

It's just leaving it on all that time just to install the game. I've just checked it on my other laptop, and it starts with 30.20GB to download, not the 28 I thought I saw earlier - sorry about that:( The game then actually shows as 'Playable' at 30GB remaining. Which means that the required files are downloaded, but that's all the rest of the files that are required will be downloaded in the background as required, so you're probably best not to play in this state - especially on such a slow connection. It will then reach an 'Optimal' at aropund 11-12GB to go, so really, you could get away with downloading ~20GB of data to get it into the 'optimal' range.

The tooltip for 'optimal' says: When you reach this state, the game is ready to play and your installation is almost complete. The remaining files (such as sound files and high resolution textures) will continue to download and install as you play. EDIT: Just hit the 'Optimal' range at 13.58GB, so you're looking at really wanting to download 16.62GB then you should be able to play. At a steady 150Kb/s this means you're looking at roughly 41.5 hours download time to become 'playable' • • • • •.

Btw, in case you were wondering, if the PC goes to power saving mode (meaning screen is black but it is still on) the download wont stop, but if it goes to sleep mode (which looks about the same, but processes are reduced to a minimum) the download will indeed pause. It will resume on its own after the computer wakes up but you might want to disable sleep mode while downloading (leave power saving on, you dont wanna burn pixels on your screen from showing the same image for days non stop).